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Aria Cucina Manila + Goodie Giveaway (DONE)

Aria Cucina Manila + Goodie Giveaway (DONE)

CONGRATULATIONS TO KAREN ANG! You won the P2000 GC to Aria Cucina Manila! Aria Cucina Italiana I’ve been planning to go 3 for 3 for my Boracay/Labor Day tradition, but since I’m planning on doing a little bit more traveling this year, and people’s schedules don’t seem to click, the closest I’m going to get...
Save the Date: Boracay's Aria Cucina Italiana in MNL + Contest

Save the Date: Boracay’s Aria Cucina Italiana in MNL + Contest

Save the date for the 28th of January as Aria Cucina Italiana crosses the sea from Boracay and brings its cuisine to Manila. The modern contemporary restaurant is the best al fresco dining spot in Boracay since its opening in 2003. Known just as much for its sleek interiors as it is for their Mediterranean...
Sunday Lunch Bunch Meets Angel's Pizza

Sunday Lunch Bunch Meets Angel’s Pizza

Sunday Lunches are a ToT family staple. Usually we head over to Choi Garden, Nihonbashi Tei, Cyma, or Chelsea for these meals since those are our usual haunts and the staff knows us by heart. There are also times I enjoy playing the hostess hat and (when time permits) I cook the lunch menu all by myself. But I’ve been crazy busy, and...
Finding Comfort in Cheese and Cibo

Finding Comfort in Cheese and Cibo

I need to put my Hong Kong posting on hold. Just for a bit. After a string of busy days, crazy events, and being pulled here, there and literally almost everywhere, I really needed some comfort. Actually, I needed a lot of it. Something familiar and something that always hits a spot. I ended up in Greenbelt 5...
Italia-mania at C's

Italia-mania at C’s

Being a temporary resident of a foreign country exposes you to so many different aspects of their culture: language, lifestyle and cuisine. Obviously, the latter is my favorite of all even though the others are still on my shortlist. When mi studiare a Firenze, I made sure that no meal was left uneaten, no vino...
Nostalgia Wins

Nostalgia Wins

A friend and I were out for some wine last night, discussing diving, food and Italy, when we went off on a full on tirade about pasta Carbonara. Where to find the best (I said Chelsea, friend said Rome duh), how to make it, and why we love it. I guess the discussion went for...