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My First Impression of Impressions' Gourmet Sunday Brunch

My First Impression of Impressions’ Gourmet Sunday Brunch

I got this invitation in the mail from good friend Tessa, and I knew I couldn’t miss it. Tessa is notorious for her off-the-hook parties, fantastic prizes, and all-out fun games and programs. This time, it was a pre-Easter brunch get together before we all leave Manila for our Holy Week travels. The brunch was...
Foie Gras Fantasies at Lusso

Foie Gras Fantasies at Lusso

That, right there, is the look of love. Or lust. Trip or Treats is officially in love/lust with¬†Lusso. I’ve written about this tres chic¬†little establishment before, already professing my adulation over Lusso’s luxurious ambiance with its matching sophisticated, yet simple, menu. I am also a big fan of the fact that they use good china,...