Only because it’s rainy and I’m hormonal… I really want some KINDER products! Namely, Kinder Bueno ( hazelnut creme-filled wafers dipped in milk chocolate), Kinder Cioccolato (little chocolate bars with white milk chocolate in the middle), and… Nutella & Go!

Kinder chocolates is made “expressly for children”. Kinder Bueno is the ultimate Kinder treat. Creamy hazelnut filling in each little mound of wafer melts in your mouth like a romantic tryst waiting to seduce you. If you happen to ignore this while waiting to pay for your groceries, you are missing out in life. Seriously.

Kinder’s founder Ferrero describes Bueno best:

Kinder Bueno is a harmonious blend of contrasting tastes and textures that engages the senses in every surprising bite—stimulatingly crispy on the outside and delectably creamy on the inside. With its delicate and sophisticated architecture, Kinder Bueno offers both a refined and dynamic taste sensation that yields a sensory lightness, inviting people to indulge with carefree abandon.

Especially Nutella & Go!, which is basically a cooler version of YanYan. Remember the breadsticks and the chocolate dip? This one is made better with Nutella spread, chocolatey and hazelnutty and just plain addicting, and Esta The aka Lemon Iced Tea! How cool is this little packet? Now if only that Esta The was Pesca (peach) flavor, it would be perfection in a snack. Very convenient, and very European. I must have you all.. this week… or I will go krazy.
Stop craving, hormones!
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