IMG_20130412_102553Obviously a Coachella virgin. Just received my packet

Coachella 2013Me and my girls during day 1

Coachella 2013Day one with the masses

Coachella 2013Mandatory bling

Coachella 2013Roomie Reunion time

Coachella 2013My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Coachella 2013Regret is forgetting to ride the ferris wheel

Coachella 2013Sustenance. We gotta eat, yo.

Coachella 2013Happy to be with my roomie, on the road

Coachella 2013Perfect day for some music

Coachella 2013Waiting for Fedde le Grand

Coachella 2013

Moby hits!

Coachella 2013

Missing the randon signs… This was my fave.

Coachella 2013Day 3 started off beautifully…

Coachella 2013Beating the heat with some popsicles Coachella 2013We’re as awesome as our sunnies!  Coachella 2013RHCP to end the weekend with a Desert Storm!

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