Powergen ChargerFor entreprenuers, social media addicts, and people on the go, staying connected is always the first priority. Since the 3G generation has invaded our smartphones, we’ve seen a plethora of social media and gps apps that keep us on the loop but drain our battery in the process. Now, all is well and good if you’re just going to and fro work and home. But what if you’re traveling and can’t always find a socket at a moment’s notice? THIS is why I love this gadget. P1320623I bought the PowerGen 12000mAh Mobile Juice Pack during my last trip to the US since I travel a lot. Sometimes I fly to another city for the day, and don’t always have the luxury of time to stay put to charge, but I always want to stay connected. This, my solution to the connectivity and consumption tradeoff. Its sleek design and compact size make it perfect to slip into my purse right next to my iPad mini, plethora of phones, and duo of cameras. It’s not light at .5 lbs, but it’s heavy on juice!/What I love about this portable charger is that it can charge three gadgets at the same time via USB port. One USB provides 1 ampere, while there are 2 ports that share a 2 ampere load, for faster charging. So I can charge my iPad mini, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy camera in one go. And since it has a capacity of 12000mAh, it can extend 70 hours of talk time or 35 hours of video play back time for an iPhone. In the pamphlet it says it can charge an iPhone 4times and an iPad 2 times. That’s more than enough for me. P1320630The box includes 2 usb cables (a 7-inch and a 27-inch one) with connector adapters for the iPhone4/iPad, micro-usb for Blackberry and Samsung, and a mini-usb for other phones. I have some usb chargers myself so I don’t care much about this, plus the connector thingies are so easy to lose. P1320631Another nifty touch: it has an LED flashlight! This is perfect if you have a purse as deep as a well (like I do) and always need to dig to find keys or other buried treasure. I don’t know if you’ll appreciate that other feature, but I sure do.  P1320662For size, it’s just as big as a Blackberry, not that lightweight, but definitely worth its weight in gold if you feel crippled when you can’t stay connected. This is perfect for emergencies like brownouts or long travel without a socket to plug into. You can use the same usb cable to charge it fully at night, and the LED lights tell you how much juice you have left. Perfect coz I’m doing a bit of traveling this May, so I’m going to make sure never to forget this handy gadget whenever I’m out and about.

You can buy the PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack charger for $59.99 on Amazon.