I’m  a major carnivore, and I love ordering my burgers like I’m concocting a complicated prescription for the perfect bite. So when I got word of this new burger joint that is super-soft opening last week, I knew I had to try it. Save for their logo’s homage to Shake Shack’s logo, the place is an original in Manila

Burger Bar

Burger Bar is the brainchild of the same guys who started Cue Modern BBQ in Bonifacio High Street Central. Casual, crowded and catchy, the interiors are reminiscent of hole in the wall restos that you find in the Big Apple, combining kitsch and kitchen sense. Located on the 2nd floor of the old Masas restaurant in Greenbelt 2, the place is cozy and definitely a crowd-pleaser.

On the drink list are a couple of libations, but I enjoyed their Pina-jito, or pineapple spiked mojito. I totally missed the mint which is a major component of any mojito, but loved the pineapple flavor, especially since I’m still having a major Hawaii Hangover.

For appetizers, bar chow is the name of the game. Golden Cheddar Mozzarella Sticks, Good Ol’ Hot Fried Wings, and Buttermilk Chicken Tenders with Roasted Jalapeno Ranch and Curried Mango Aioli are great starters while waiting for the main event. I especially enjoyed the dipping sauces for the tenders.

Obviously, since it’s a Burger Bar, they have several classics to chose from. Aside from choosing your sear (rare to well done), you can also customize the beef blend from the Beef Bomb, Steak Cut, Big Game, or their House Blend. Each blend is a mix of different cuts of meat and will make each burger order unique. I so love options.

For those who want a more gourmet experience, they have several options called Tributes which add accoutrements to whet your palate with different flavors. You can get all burgers as a single or double patty burger, so even your hunger-level is taken into account when making your major burger decision.   

The Bar Burger

Big Game blend of hangar and brisket, smoked scamorza and gorgonzola cheeses, fresh prosciutto, watercress, caramelized onion spiked with sriracha aioli, crowned with crispy onion rings on a brioche bun. This was obviously my order, since I saw prosciutto and sriracha and was curious about the flavor combination. This is an adult burger that has layers of enamored flavors which meld into a delectable bite. The prosciutto was cut a bit too thick, and I had to fight to chew it down, but the salty parma ham was a great addition to this well-composed burger.

The Rising Shroom

Mustard-fried steak cut blend of sirloin and chuck, fried oyster mushroom tempura, white truffle creamed cheese, and sauteed mushrooms on a kaiser roll. Gooey is the word. If I had to describe this burger, it would be the burger I would eat if I was depressed, pms-ing or planning to gain 10 pounds in one sitting. The creamed cheese had a slight hint of truffle, and the mushrooms provided another layer of meaty flavor atop the burger patty itself. This is a messy one, so I suggest you eat with your fingers for extra emotion just like heartbreak.

The Hangover Burger

Onion-griddled Big Game blend of hangar and brisket, yellow cheddar, crisp prosciutto, fried egg, arugula, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce and house aioli on a sesame seed bun. Let’s put it this way: this is ONE BIG MESS, but one bombastic mouthful. In the event you find yourself inebriated and in fear of a hangover, or if you already have a hangover and want to forget all about the pain you are experiencing, this is your burger. Gooey, messy, meaty and tasty, it’s a manly burger that you have to prepare for. Trust me, no hangover will survive after you chomp down on this.

For dessert, their Caramel Vanilla Bread Pudding is my definitive favorite. Moist bread squares with ice cream and sweet caramel sauce. Trust me on this one. You’ll forget your name.

Burger afficionados beware: Burger Bar is addictive!

What’s your Beef?

Burger Bar
Greenbelt 2,
Esperanza St. corner Greenbelt Dr.
Ayala Center, Makati City
Opening Hours:
Sun-Wed      – 12nn – 1am
Thurs to Sat – 12nn – 2am