Fauchon at CDG

Allow me to continue my Parisienne Macaron Marathon with the second installment: Fauchon Paris. I saw the hot pink kiosk at the departure shops at Charles de Gaule before my flight back to Manila. I could not resist to take a peek at their offerings especially when the display is as tongue in cheek as this.

Macaron Haven

Fauchon has been in business since 1886, more known for its wine and imported goods. Fauchon opened the first salon de the, or tea salon, in Paris and is still popular for their fruit teas. but it was in 2004 that Fauchon made a comeback with a re-branding effort that updated its image to the hot pink hearts that it’s now synonymous for. And now they also showcase macarons alongside their chocolate selections.

Box of 8

Unlike the dainty and traditional decor of Maison Laduree, Fauchon has a very Andy Warhol/mod appeal to it. Even the packaging is a beautiful representation of how much fun the brand is.

Not a fan of pink, but I found the pop of pink upon opening the box a very pleasant visual addition to the box of macarons I was about to devour.

Fauchon’s macarons are exquisite. I think it’s because the filling in between the two almond wafers are more jam-like, and tend to give a vibrant flavor that brings out the tartness of the fruit flavors. The salted caramel actually tasted like a caramel filling, and the rose was like a marmalade of rose petals in my mouth. The wafers are light and vibrantly tinted, but they did not crumble easily. I loved it. There was a Laduree shop at CDG’s departure lounge, but I would definitely come back for Fauchon.

Have you tried Fauchon macarons? Or maybe their tea or chocolates instead?

I highly suggest you check out Fauchon’s interactive website. Then go grab something sweet.

Watch out for the Finale…