I swear, people are out to sabotage me. Though I have a lot of goodies stashed in different crevices of my home, a lot of it come from caring people who think ToT should try this, or ToT cannot live without that. Case in point is my travel saveur Cheska who finds the most random, yet delectable edible souvenirs and send them my way. Last time it was Green Tea KitKat from Japan. This time, I think she brought it upon her to bring me back something less caloric, and more weird.

Cheese KitKat

The best thing about these treats from Japan is that each stick is only 25 calories. Hello, that’s like 1% or my daily limit. The snack pack is so handy coz I can put a couple of pieces in my purse and grab it when I’m craving for something sweet.

I love anything KitKat, so I was excited to try this version. First off, one KitKat is NOT ENOUGH! One stick is smaller than my pinky, so this hardly scratches the surface. The flavor was white chocolate with a bit of a savory salty introduction. It’s not as sweet as expected, and had that cheesy taste all the way to the wafer. I like it but it took a while for me to get used to… like an entire box. I want more!

What’s your favorite KitKat flavor? Which variation made you go ‘Ugh…”?