I am very particular about dental hygiene. To be honest, I just care about having nice bright teeth. I went through two rounds of braces, first to align my big teeth, and then a second time to realign them again after I became lazy to wear my retainers. This time, I have a permanent retainer so that part I don’t need to worry about.

My normal routine is to floss, then brush. I figured, use the best accessories and you’re good to go. So admittedly, I go all out and use a Sonicare electric toothbrush (I swear your teeth feel cleaner!) and pair it with some Rembrandt Intense Stain Toothpaste to brighten my smile. Then I floss to get rid of all the gunk hiding in the crevices. I thought that duo would keep me decay-free, but apparently it’s not enough.

I’ve been wary of using mouthwash before because I’ve had bad experience where the formula was so strong that I had to dilute it in water, then gargle with water afterwards. It was too aggressive for my comfort level. I thought that mouthwash was just an optional part of the routine. Then I heard that tooth decay affects 92.4% of the Philippine population, I got worried. Was I not doing enough? I thought that as long as I had my regular fill of flouride, which fights tooth decay, I was safe.  Toothpastes are formulated with fluoride, floss is laced with fluoride, and even public water supplies have been fluoride-fortified in first world and some developing countries. But then I heard that my FAVORITE drink/ingredient also helps in the dental department: GREEN TEA

OMG, I LOVE green tea! I love green tea TEA, KitKats, Mochi, Ice Cream, chocolate, basically anything that has matcha on it, I love. Aside from the culinary aspect, scientists have found that green tea also effectively prevents tooth decay and cavities. Many of us are already familiar with green tea’s powerful health benefits, which include fighting cancer, reducing cholesterol, and strengthening the overall immune system. However, LISTERINE® has recently discovered additional benefits of green tea in improving the health of your mouth.

  • It has high concentrations of catechins, an antioxidant that inhibits the activity of cavity-causing bacteria
  • It contains tannins, which helps prevent the build-up of plaque
  • It is a natural source of fluoride, which strengthens teeth against decay[1]

So I was excited to try Listerine’s Natural Green Tea Mouthwash because, let’s face it, any product that promises to burn my belly fat and strengthen my teeth is a winner in my books.

When I gargled the Natural Green Tea variation of Listerine, I was pleasantly surprised how light the taste was. It wasn’t overpowering nor did it burn my gums. I gargled a little bit longer, hoping that the catechins would double duty on my body and burn fat while fighting bacteria, bad breath and plaque. Hey, a girl can dream. Green tea is definitely a wonder drink, now you can gargle with it too!
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[1] Green Tea Facts. Johnson & Johnson Asia Pacific Oral Care Clinic. Last modified August 2011. Accessed February 28, 2012.