People always get shocked when they learn my abilities in the domestic sense, especially when they find out I know how to cook. When I was in LA, I made some guacamole that got devoured within minutes. I thought my friends were just hungry. Tonight I made some guac for the weekend since we had a harvest of avocados.

Cay, Nicola and Sica dropped by for a ‘healthy dinner and took one chip-ful of the guacamole and forgot all about their diet. I even did some to-go containers since Sica was hinting she wanted to take some home.

So I’m not selfish, and if it’s really that great, I think you guys would love it too! Here’s the recipe, you know me, no strict rules, it’s all about how much or little of an ingredient you want to put. Try experimenting to get your personal favorite!

The main ingredients are: avocados, red onion, some garlic, cilantro, lime, red tomatoes. Additional is some cayenne pepper and your tortilla chips

First to start with some garlic and red onion. I like red onion because it has a very distinct bite that goes well for the guacamole than the white variety. For my recipe today, I used one entire red onion. If you don’t like onions, you can put less, but I suggest you keep it generous. As for the garlic, 2-3 large cloves or half a bulb (if small) would be great. Dice both into little pieces and dump into a bowl.

Go find yourself some limes. Not lemon, Lime.

Cut up and squeeze 1-2 limes. You might think that a little goes a long way, but the citrus flavor of the lime is really what kicks the guacamole up a notch. I use 2 limes. Not lemons, LIMES. You can get that in the grocery. Pour the lime juice onto the onion and garlic.

And the major flavor component of any successful guacamole is Cilantro. Remember my gripe early in my blog career when I was having a hard time finding Cilantro? Also known as wan suey or coriander, cilantro is the staple in any mexican meal and lends a herbaceous aroma that makes any dish pop. Make no mistake, this is not parsley. In the chiller/herb section there is a plastic container with the roots intact.  Chop the leaves (no stems) and add on to the onions.

Now here’s the big secret, instead of mixing them together, MASH them so the juices of the onions and garlic come out. Also when you mash the cilantro, it gets bruised and the flavor mixes with the lime and becomes this bombastic base that turns your dowdy avocado into an awesome guacamole. You can use a fork to mash them to a paste, or a hand chopper. If you want to take it seriously, you can pulse this mixture in the blender. Don’t let it end up to mushy. You want some texture.

Once you have your citrus paste, add some ground cayenne pepper to give some zing. I like 1tsp of Cayenne. It’s not spicy hot, but lends a beautiful warmth to the finished product. It is also great for topping the guacamole to make it pretty.

     And lastly, you add avocados. To easily scoop them out, cut the avocado in the middle, and turn both sides to loosen the pit. Use a knife to hack thru the pit and rotate to take it out. Then cut up the avocado into diagonal slices, then use a spoon to scoop out the creamy fruit from the skin. I used about 5 avocados since local ones are very small. It is up to you if you want a chunky or creamy guacamole. Treat it gently and just let the lime paste coat the avocado to prevent oxidation and browning. Toss the ingredients together with a fork, do some mashing if you want a smoother guac. I like to add some diced tomatoes (about 4 pcs) for some added texture, but if you want more zing, you can add 1/4 cup of prepared salsa. Tonight I used fresh tomatoes since I had a lot of flavor from my paste.Mix everything together, making sure not to mash too much to leave some chunky bits. For the final touch, add some sea salt, one teaspoon at a time. You can be a bit generous with the salt, but keep tasting it after every addition of salt so you don’t go overboard. Also add a generous grind of fresh pepper. Simple, no? It really is that simple, but tastes so complex and authentic that my friends can’t stop on just one chip. The guacamole is also great as a topper for fish, as a sandwich spread, or as a breakfast burrito accompaniment. When storing guacamole, just have some clingwrap and make sure to press it down the guac so no air pockets can darken the top. Enjoy!

Make some of my guacamole yourself and tell me how yummy it is!