I’m a sucker for kitchen appliances, and the brand-new gadget to make my kitchen look even more lab-like. I’m such a techie that I even use contraptions for such simple (protein shakes) and complicated (salad dressing) recipes. That’s why I’m absolutely in LOVE with my Blender Bottle.

On the forefront, the Blender Bottle looks like any other reusable water or sportsdrink bottle. But a look at the contents inside make all the difference. BlenderBottle® is actually a patented best-selling portable shaker in the U.S. wherein it received numerous accolades from different but all very distinguished institutions like Self Magazine, Reader’s Digest, and even from Good Morning America where they only had praises for this product.

Inside the bottle is the BlenderBall wire whisk. This little ball of wonder makes whey protein shakes smooth and creamy, not clumpy. Best of all, it’s a mini-workout in a bottle!It even comes with a tiny instruction booklet every time you buy a bottle.

  But aside from using the Blender Bottle for my protein drinks when I work out, I use it to make some super easy honey-balsamic vinaigrette. Let me share with you the ingredients:Add one tbsp each of garlic, honey and mustad (Dijon, if you have some). Squeeze half a lemon and add the juice to the Blender Bottle. Add 1/4 cup of good balsamic vinegar, then add 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil to the mix.

Dump the BlenderBall in the bottle, cover with the lid, and SHAKE it! Shake it like a polaroid picture!  Hahaha I love that it makes your work out a bit for your food.What you end up with is a creamy and thick balsamic vinaigrette dressing that’s perfect for a gorgonzola pear salad, or any salad you want. I added chicken, candied walnuts, and baby greens to the mix and it becomes a hefty salad that your tummy, and guests will enjoy. You can store the rest of the dressing in a jar, or on the Blender Bottle, if you’d like.

The Blender Bottle comes in 20 and 28 oz size, and comes with its own BlenderBall. Get one for the gym, and for your kitchen. I promise your whey protein shakes and dressings will taste so much better!

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