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On my latest Roomie Reunion with Chants, we decided to meet in the middle and fly to Italy to ring in the new year. We visited Siena as well as San Gimignano in the Tuscan region, and had a very different shopping experience. No YSL in San Gimignano, ladies. But I wasn’t complaining.
There were more than enough alimentari and salumerias  in the region to stave off world hunger. San Giminiano is known for many delicacies, one of them being wild boar or cingiale senese (Sienese Pig) products.
Aside from wild boar goodies, Vernaccia  and Chianti wine, I was on the prowl for a more decadent product line, Tartufo. And I was willing to break the bank to bring home as much as I can of the aromatic wonders.
Since I could not find fresh tartufo under €400 a kilo, I had to settle for its other forms. Truffles, or tuber, are an offspring of an underground mushroom that is known as the “diamond of the kitchen” and used sparingly to create an sensory gastronomic experience. The white truffle is the most elusive of all types, with large pieces sold at over $300,000 to Macau billionaire Stanley Ho. The Black Truffle is more commonly found and produces a milder aroma compared to the pungency of the white variety. Special sniffing dogs and pigs are used to discover the underground nuggets of gold. If only Jimmy Choo can find me some truffles in Manila. These are what I bought.

Black Truffle Sauce – will use this with some fresh pasta and just a little butter.
Black Truffle Oil
Very important to make sure there are actual truffle bits and not just “truffle flavor,” which means it is synthetic.

Fettine di Tartufo Nero Estivo

Black Truffle Slices in Olive Oil. This is going to be a topping for an upcoming omelette. Eggs and truffle have a harmonious relationship where the aroma of truffle comes alive.

Spring White Truffle Cream

In between black & white truffle, with a garlicky medium to strong aroma, spring truffles are harvested at the height of spring, from early January to mid March. I’m thinking this would go well with some fettuccine and butter.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Truffle
I actually just found the packaging very interesting so I picked one up.

And of course, no truffle shopping spree could not be complete without some truffle salt. Perfect for topping a good steak, pasta dish, or some fowl.

I can’t wait to try these out! Does anyone have any recommendations on and entire meal with courses using my truffle goodies?


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