I was impatiently awaiting what surprise or production would come my way for Valentine’s, when I got a sweet surprise from Cupcake Lab, my go to person for cupcake cravings.

The perks of being a Cupcake Lab Rat: I get to try flavors before they are perfected for the masses.

Cupcake Lab’s newest flavor : The HazelNutella Cupcake

Marbled Hazelnut cupcake with Nutella Ganache Frosting and topped with Ferrero Rocher

This is my second taste test of the HazelNutella, and I must admit, this is up there with the Tiramisu and the Red Velvet cupcakes.

The cake itself is moist, with chunky bits of hazelnut. the darker cake is a little bitter to offset the decadence of the Nutella ganache frosting. Look how rich, moist, and delectable it looks. Trust me, it tastes just the way it looks.

Screw the heart. I’m inhaling you today.

I’m saving the best for last. Ferrero, come to ToT!

Another successful cupcake flavor from my favorite cupcakerie in the metro. Now it’s harder for me to pick my favorite between the Red Velvet and the Tirumisu Cupcake… The best thing about Cupcake Lab flavors is that you really taste the quality and ingredients, and not just sugar. Even past the holidays, Cupcake Lab is still busy churning out cupcakes by the hundred on a daily basis for the myriad of Cupcake Lab Rats out there who can’t seem to get enough. Oh Well… lab rats cannot complain.

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