Day two of my Food Photography Class with 50 Feasts was more interactive than the previous day’s lesson which was more about taking shots of pre-arranged sets. I was well rested for this class so was excited to finally get my hands dirty and show off my creative bone… if I even had one.

As an admitted hoarder, I absolutely went gaga over the prop table and probably took more than I needed to use. There is even a Prop ROOM where selections of china, stemware, fabrics and knick knacks are there to style a set for food. Now I realize my shopaholic tendencies have a purpose in my life.Another important factor in set design is the surface and the background you will use. Wood is great because the textures really make a set more rustic and lively. I fell in love with the distressed blue wood panel.

So for the first assignment, we had to style and shoot some bagels. How we displayed it was completely up to us. SO this is the set my partner and I came up with.

Admittedly, the shot could have benefited from some editing. The fruit platter made the background look so noche buena. Had the fruit basket disappeared, the foreground would have popped up more rather than having too many elements in the background. I did like the touch of alfalfa strands randomly scattered around the dish. I love how the wood surface popped out with the green table cloth.

Peg #1

For the second activity, each group was given different Sonja’s Cupcakes to style and shoot. Since we ended up with the Cotton Candy Cupcakes, initially we wanted to play on the sweet and cutesy colors using some background items. The cotton candy was a disaster as it had almost melted to a deep pink when it was my time to shoot.

Peg #2

I wasn’t so into the layout as I found it too feminine, so I changed the background and let the blue come out more… But something still wasn’t right with it.

Peg #3

This is my favorite shot of the cupcakes as I wanted the colors to be the main headline and went with a simple and clean look playing on the surface and the background in muted tones of blue. Then I realized that my polarity is really extreme: either I want it super simple or over the top. No in-betweens.

The last activity was to style and shoot a more mature layout for certain dishes. The Beef Crostini with Caramelized Onions  was not my set, but we were allowed to shoot it anyway. I liked the touch of the peppercorns though it didn’t really make sense since there were no peppers on the actual dish.

The set for the Japanese Soba noodles is a great example of bringing out the theme. By using the ingredients of the dish as well as the tea pot and cup, the oriental origins of the dish became more evident. The surface picked up a lot of the light, making the overall shot well-contrasted.

My dish to style and shoot was a Beef Tenderloin and Green Bean Stir Fry. I wanted to show a lot of texture and used several wooden components to bring the earthiness of the dish. The topiary in the back picks up the green color of the beans while the somber blue background brings a nice mellow pop of color to the dish.

After two days of nonstop shooting, styling, and minimal eating, I’m excited to put everything I learned to good use. That also means I have a lot of shopping to do to make sure I have the right equipment to make these shots happen. Hey, good lighting doesn’t come cheap ya know. Another reason to keep my hoarder personality in check. At the end of the day, it’s an investment to make ToT a better blog for 2012!

Ano guys, puwede na ba?

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