Instead of escaping Manila for the long weekend, I decided to stay in the city and maximize the 3-day weekend with some productive activities. I took a food photography class because one of my resolutions this year was to be better at everything I am already doing, and I refuse to add any new activities to my already cluttered life.

Since September, I’ve been trying to get in 50 Feasts limited class for Food Photography. It was either my schedule was full or their class was fully booked, it took about 4 months, and a lot of waiting, to finally get a chance to learn more about the visual aspect of blogging which is photography. I was excited!

The instructor is Mylene Chung, a seasoned photographer who has now focused on food photography as a career. Her portfolio was what initially convinced me to join the class. If she could make food evoke so much emotion and mood, I figured, so can I.

After a powerpoint lecture about the basics, it was our turn to get behind the lens and use what we had learned and show off. This was on of many lemon shots that I took.

The class went on from morning to afternoon, and Mylene served us lunch which was prepared by Dwight, the back-of-the-house partner of 50 Feasts.

Beef Stew + Scallion Chicken and Japanese Rice

It could as well have been a cooking class because both dishes were tasty and very oriental.

The great thing about the class is that there are many chances to learn about angles, lighting, focus and other aspects that I was too lazy to utilize for my photos. It was very much interactive and allowed for our own participation to come out through the styling of the food.

Tea & Cookies

We were given several assignments, this one is to focus on the forefront. I choose the cookies but it was supposed to be the rim of the cup.

Apples & Jam

Shooting from the top focuses all the subjects.

Wine & Grapes

Shooting head on is a great way to utilize height.

Chips & Salsa

Love the color of the set.

Milk & Cookies

I hated shooting the mushrooms.

Mylene gives great feedback and even critiques your shots so you can understand how to optimize the light. Then we were given three sets and it was up to us to shoot as we wished. Here’s my final picks.

Mushroom Soup – I wanted to go abstract

Salad – loved the detail of the dill

Pasta – was going for height and a day feel

After the first day, it was information overload but I learned quite a lot of information which I’m now excited to translate to ToT.

What do you guys think? Pwede ko na bang i-career ‘to?

Part 2 of 50 Feasts class to be continued…

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