After our first night in Rome, Roomie and I were very excited to see the city during the day. So after our breakfast in bed at the hotel, we dressed for warmth and headed to our first destination.

Yes, the weather was so chilly we had to wear boots out. I love Roomie’s Corso Como camel pair. Very comfy and kept our feet warm for our next trek.

The Villa Borghese Gardens

Villa Borghese is the second largest public garden/park in Rome and leads directly to the Spanish Steps. It was originally a vineyard of Cardinal Scipione Borghese which was converted into a garden with very English influence alongside touches of Renaissance architecture.

From the name itself, it was once property of the very important Borghese family and is for Rome what Central Park is for New York. Since 1904, the gardens are open to the public and house several museums with artwork from the collections of the Borghese.

Morning Scooter Stroll

A very sartorial signor taking his dog for a walk in the park.

Three’s Company

ToT & Roomie enjoying the morning sun

I love how there are several pockets of private space, such as this fountain area, where you can walk off and be alone amidst all the people in the park.

Tempietto di Diana

The temple was built in 1789 with the goddess Diana in the center medallion alongside her hunting dogs. The inside concave is so intricate with other species normally associated with hunting. I love its detail.

Piazza di Siena

This arena like area is where equestrian event happen. When we looked far enough, we noticed several horses getting their morning stretch. The Piazza was used in the 1960 Summer Olympics for the dressage, showjumping and other equestrian competitions.

The Villa Borghese Garden visit was the perfect start to our very long day of tourist spots…