When the distance between a door to a hotel lobby’s wall is only about 3 meters… it’s usually not a good thing.

Roma Boutique Hotel

But if said hotel is a boutique hotel, you can be assured that charm and private comfort supercede spacious public areas over any day.

What you see is what you get in the lobby, but I wasn’t expecting a lavish lobby nor lots of space. The Roma Boutique Hotel is on the 4th floor of a turn-of-the-century building on Via Toscana in Rome. You take a lift and the entrance leads you to this quaint but modern space where the Front Desk greets guests who stay at the hotel. What they lack in space, they make up for with information, offering maps, Where, TimeOut and other collaterals to make your stay in Rome an informative one.

Since I arrived during the holidays, there were still some decorations around the area. I love how, even with such a limited space there are elements of design introduced in the niches.

On the corner of the lobby, are the rooms. The long hallway has diagonal walls with local art hung beside the room doors. When I entered room 25, I was pleasantly surprised at how spacious the accommodations were compared to the limited space at the lobby.

The king bed was firm and had a blanket and throw pillows. Extra pillows and a comforter was available at the closet. Roomie and I had seen far smaller rooms when in NYC so I was glad that we would not be sleeping on our sides in Rome.

The vanity side of the room was an entire countertop which serves as a desk as well as a mini-bar. I appreciated that there were two tables, so Roomie and I could have our own personal space to sit on. The TV selection had hundreds of channels, unfortunately, most of them were in Italian. I can speak street Italian, but I’m lost when The Real World and Criminal Minds get dubbed.

The closet was spacious, with a smaller cabinet holding the pillows and blanket offering more shelves.

Bathrooms are always a tricky situation for roommates, especially two women who bring a LOT of toiletries wherever we travel to. So I was impressed that the bathroom situation was very spacious and immaculately clean. The toiletries were generous and even had toothbrushes. The cherry on the cake was the inclusion of bathrobes which I definitely enjoyed. The bidet was typical European-style, so that was left unused.

One of the perks of the room is the balcony, which is probably my favorite spot in the entire room.

Via Toscana is right in front of the US Embassy in Rome, and within walking distance to the Borghese Villa & Gardens, Via Veneto, The Trevi Fountain and The Spanish Steps. It was refreshing to step out and enjoy the cool breeze of winter. The flowered plant boxes added extra charm.

Aside from street view, our eye-level view are the beautiful frescos and mosaic touches on the building across from ours. Bellissima.


And since it was about 5 degrees Celsius outside, keeping the balcony door ajar meant letting fresh air cool the room.

At night, they even put chocolates on the pillows, a practice not expected on most hotels, but is a delightful display of thoughtfulness which is a norm in boutique hotels.

Since the hotel has very limited public space, the breakfast is served in your room every morning in a very well-arranged silver tray. Much too much for 2 people, if you ask me.

Every night, the Front Desk asks you for your choice of  coffee/tea, orange/pineapple/grapefruit juice, cereal with milk/yogurt and the time you would like breakfast delivered in the morning. A selection of bread and pastries with spreads is mandatory, and eye-candy. I loved having my coffee with honey, and croissants with Nutella and cherry preserve

Alongside breakfast, a copy of the news in English to keep you abreast with the current events while traveling abroad.Clearly, I am not a morning person.

I enjoyed staying at Roma Boutique Hotel because, while Chants & I are well-traveled, we also did not want to break the bank since we would be living in hotels for an entire week. The room was everything we needed, and then some, and the staff are helpful for any questions or restaurant reservations we had asked about. Besides, who needs a big lobby when you have the whole of Rome to walk around in?

And another thing, Alessandro, the General Manager/Owner, even coordinated with a ristorante when I had lost my gray wool bonnet. So sweet. That’s boutique hotel service for you. I’d definitely stay here again when in Rome.

Roma Boutique Hotel
Via Toscana 1
00187 Roma


Tel. +39 06 42012023
Fax +39 06 42013368

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