The first thing I bought upon arriving at Roma Fiumicino Airport is a Voce 20Euro card from Vodafone. It’s the BEST €20 I’ve spent.Since I like to be connected wherever I go, literally and signally. And knowing my Foursquare/Twitter/FB/Wordpress ways… it was either break the bank or break the phone.

Vodafone €20 Prepaid Sim

For €20, I got my own Italian sim card with a local number at a currency exchange counter after leaving baggage claim and customs. Key in the PIN code and in a couple of minutes, I’m ready to call any number in Italy, unlimited, for free for a month. If you add the My Country plan, which is free to activate, I could even call the Philippines for only €.08 a minute + €.16 connection fee per call.

But the best part of this Vodafone prepaid card is, for a €3 deduction to the €20 plan, I get 250mb of data for an entire week, which means I can BBM, check in, tweet, FB and upload to my heart’s desire. Also, it means that people who call my Manila number will not get me charged international roaming fees, coz my Manila sim card is out of my phone. This is a social media traveler’s dream! Everyone’s either on What’s App or BBM or email anyways, so it’s just like taking a long drive out of the city, and still being connected to work, and play.

Traveling to Italy? Get a Vodafone prepaid card with data