After all my travel experiences blogged and undocumented, you would think that the travel karma gods would give me a break for the holidays, no?

So I arrive in Rome, and first thing I do is to set my luggage down and take a gander at my hotel room. I arrived fairly early, so I wanted to have some breakfast before I took a shower and freshened up.

I was also very excited to use my new Salsa luggage gifted to me for Christmas. It’s as big as a cooler, so great for hoarders like moi.

So I key in my newly set combination and after some nudging… NO Entry.I knew it had to be an Italian Job lock-picking scenario, and I was no Charlize Theron. I literally tried everything from 000-999 and still it did not want to open. No panic, I called the 2 retailers of Rimowa in Rome. One had no idea what I needed, and the other said come on over.

Thus begins another ToT signature travel adventure only I could experience. First, I had to fit the maleta (suitcase) into the teeny tiny elevator of my hotel.

It was like I went to the ER. The moment I stepped out of my expensive taxi (calling for a taxi sets their meters from the moment the come to you), they already knew my problem.

After a few prodding, and tapping of numbers, the helpful Signor at Cacciami SRL on Via Cavour was able to set my Rimowa free from its foibleI was also able to open it, so I can finally take a shower after a long red-eye flight.As I stared at my maleta mayhem from the back of my return taxi, I realized, this shit can only, and more likely than not,  happen to me.

Buon Natale!