Since I’m flying out right after Christmas, I wanted to take a gander at my receivables this Christmas so I can properly store/utilize them before I absolutely disregard them by piling another set of goodies I plan to hoard while I’m abroad. Normally, I get very random gifts, no theme. But this year, it seems that most gifts have a very evident affinity to Trip or Treats.

Simple White Cup & Saucer Set

I won this during an exchange gift. It was FATE. Perfect for entertaining. Must build a set of 12, coz you can’t have just 2 .

Dansk Bowl

Very Greek and Med. Reminds me of my Eastern Mediterranean Cruise circa 2010.

Auriva Olive Oil

Straight from the private reserve of the Prince of Monaco. So special.

Theo + Philo Artisanal Chocolates

Proudly Filipino. I am excited to try the Dark Chocolate with green mango and sea salt flavor.

Linamnam by Claude Tayag

A signed copy given by a fellow food-lover because she knows how honored I was to be part of the book.

Cookbook Stand

This is PERFECT! I always like to read my recipes for reference, and even a tablet or iPad can fit. Now I have to use this for my Noche Buena menu.

So thankful for all the generous hearts who gave of themselves for the holidays, large or small, themed or vague… I appreciate all the gifts! I love GIFTS! Wheee!

 What gifts have you received?