When I arrived at home, I saw a random package sitting on my bed… It was a Christmas gift from my diver friend who is based in Monaco. Eyeing the very local packaging, I figured it could be some honey, or massage oil, or something homegrown.

It’s homegrown alright, Auriva Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the private olive vineyard reserve of the Prince of Monaco himself.

The double bottles of liquid love came with its own map of the vineyard, with the actual location of where the olives were harvested to make such bottle. History recalls that Monaco lived on olive trees, alongside lemon and orange, for quite some time since the region is so isolated from access points. Monaco’s infamous casino owes its inception to the local’s resistance to paying any more government taxes on olive oil. Hence, these bottles of olive oil have some heritage mixed in each of the bottles.

I am EXCITED! These bottles of super exclusive olive oil can now become an accoutrement to a fantastic dish that I still have to come up with, but already have the accompaniments thanks to my brother who got me some goodies from his trip to Italy last month. I believe the trifecta is complete.

Italian Truffle Salt – Perfect for rubbing on Bistecca, or a nice thick rib-eye steak.

Shaved Black Truffles steeped in olive oil – perfect with eggs or pasta.

Now all I need is to whip up a dish worthy of all three ingredients. I smell a intoxicatingly fragrant and delicious challenge. Any recommendations?