In about 11 days, I’ll be flying out right after Christmas to meet up with one of my favorite people in the entire world: The Roomie.

Ludobites 6.0

The story of our friendship is typical university fodder. Girl meets girl. Girl rooms with girl. Girls do not want to strangle each other while living together. It was destiny.

Pacific Coast Highway

After college, we kept in touch while we were bi-coastal (NY for me, LA for her) and 5 years later, we’re still finding every chance to touch base and get to do some little roomie reunions.


It also helps that we are 2 tall Asian women who have appetites like construction workers.

Hudson Hotel, NY

Who both have a penchant for the nicer things in life, be it free or exorbitant.

Pastis, NY

As long as we’re apart, we keep finding ways to get together. And now we’re taking it inter-continental.

To be continued…