Congratulations to Kristine Conception, Smarla Angtuaco, Richard Co and Trixie Esguerra! You each win a box of yummy Cupcake Lab cupcakes! Check your email :)So a couple of months back, I wrote about a Cupcake Confidential, a project a good friend of mine had been cooking up for quite some time. She is so adamant about branding, quality, and consistency that it has taken another 6 months to perfect everything.

And when I mean perfect, I mean PERFECT cupcakes. Introducing the Cupcake Lab. 

Cupcake Lab

Handcrafted with love, expensive ingredients (hello Kahlua, Philadelphia cream cheese, Mascarpone), and a lot of creativity, Cupcake Lab has been quietly cooking up a storm with cupcakes so moist and frosting so addicting, there is already a cult following for the cupcakes even if they are not sold to the public yet, until now.

Vanilla Semi-Sweet Cupcake

Vanilla butter cake + Ghirardelli buttercream frosting + chocolate chippets

The basic of Cupcake Lab. The Ghirardelli semi-sweet frosting adds a richness to the light vanilla cupcake. The chippets add a special treat.

Tiramisu Cupcake

Coffee-Kahlua cake + Mascarpone frosting + cocoa

This is a guilty pleasure of a cupcake. Brown sugar and coffee cupcake with a Kahlua liquer wash, topped with Mascarpone frosting and dusted with cocoa powder. The cake is moist and packed with flavor while the mascarpone cream adds a lightness to every bit. Must Try.

Red Velvet Cupcake

Moist red velvet cake + cream cheese frosting + sprinkles

This is the favorite of Cupcake Lab addicts. The red velvet cake is unbelievably moist (look at the glistening photo, it’s not photoshop!) and the cream cheese frosting is smooth and thick. You taste more of the cream cheese than the sugar, and the rich red tone of the cake is enough to make you want to eat an entire dozen. This is the first flavor I have tried, and I continue to call it my favorite cupcake.

Cupcake Lab has the seal of approval from Trip or Treats!

To order Cupcake Lab
+63920 961 6143

It’s no secret that Cupcake Lab Lady is a very good friend of mine, and she is also a very big ToT fan. So, in exchange for doing her photoshoot (above) for Cupcake Lab’s Facebook page, ToT and Cupcake Lab are giving away:

A box of 6 cupcakes (2 each flavor) to FOUR lucky commenters!!!


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Comments will be accepted til December 16, 2011, and I will post the FOUR winners in the comment form as well as inform winners via email on the 17th of December. I’ll arrange pickup details afterwards. Only residents of the PHILIPPINES or are willing to ship to a Manila address are eligible to win this giveaway.
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