CONGRATULATIONS TO RiCalyn Sicad!!! You won the Maldives Tea and Tee set!Everyone who’s read my November posts on ToT know how much my Maldives dive trip means to me. I almost didn’t get to go, and when I arrived, I almost didn’t want to leave.

So for my 4th installment of my #12DaysOfChristmasGoodieGiveaways, I’m giving some souvenirs which I personally picked up from my Maldives trip!
This is one of those vacuum-packed T-Shirts. Soak it in water, and a full-sized t-shirt with the map of the islands of Maldives + the resorts as design comes out! It says it’s a size 46, so I’m guessing it’s a Large?

Pure Ceylon 7 Assortment Tea Set

This is made in Sri Lanka, which is close to Maldives, but this is one of the more common souvenirs found in the islands, since they are very heavy tea drinkers. Now you can pick a tea for your personality! If I wasnt giving this set away, I would join this contest!

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Comments will be accepted til December 11, 2011, and I will post the winner in the comment form as well as inform winner via email on the 12th of December. I’ll arrange pickup details afterwards. Only residents of the PHILIPPINES or are willing to ship to a Philippine Address are eligible to win this giveaway.
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