Manhattan. It is immeasurable to point out what I miss from living in New York.

Afford me the sentiments to rekindle a notable few…

My shoebox apartment, all 20sqm of it. Yes, my current bathroom is larger than my old pad.

My North Face goose down jacket, which I resold to a friend who moved to Chicago.

Joe’s Pizza on Bleecker & Carmine. Best slice ever.

Times Square with Tourist Friends

Hotdog stands on every block

My daily Laughing Lotus yoga habit

Grand Central Station and all its glory

Brunch at Balthazar’s while the parentals come for a visit.

Little Italy and its festiveness

Central Park Sun

Nonchalant Celebrity Sightings (Gavin Rossdale + Gwen Stefani + Kingston)

Springtime in Central Park
Cinco de Mayo mayhem with the people
Weekend flea market finds
Chariots at Lincoln Center

Random Firemen Sightings

Delis + charcuterie left and right

Never Forget. 09.11.01
I will never forget NY.What do you love about NYC?