Trust me… It’s paradise.
And it’s found in Velassaru, Maldives.
After a very long and arduous journey to get to my dream destination, I finally arrived in Male Airport in the middle of the night. The airport is on it’s own island and when the resort guys  made me wear these blue floaties, I knew I was not riding a shuttle bus to my resort.
I would be whisked off via Velassaru’s private speedboat.
I arrived at the resort in the middle of the night, too pooped to even look around the island resort. So I called it a very long night and vowed to wake up early to take gander at what Velassaru Resort has to offer.
When I began my day tour of Velassaru, I realized that the keycard jacket also doubles as a handy map of the island and its facilities. I was ready to begin my island adventure.
Bougainvillea lined lanes
For accommodations, the simplest is the Deluxe Bungalow, a 70sqm multi-level haven with an outdoor bathroom and a seating area.
I ended up in the Water Villa, the signature accommodation while in Maldives. It was straight out of a Maldivian dream.
One thing evident about Velassaru is its vast stretches of white powdery sand. Located on an entire coral island in the turquoise Indian Ocean, it takes about 30 minutes to circumnavigate.
This pelican (they’re real!) kept the small fish and the tanners company by the sand stretch.
The Reception area is a pavilion with sandy floors, decorated in teak, stone and thatch much like the villas. The music is ambient with beach house and chill out music continuing all throughout the island. I was pleasantly surprised to find several Filipina front desk officers, a familiar touch of Filipino hospitality.
The first point of contact to Velassaru is through the Boat Dock, where all guests come and escape to the island.
Every time there is a departure, as many of the staff come and see the guests off to their next destination, whether it be another resort, back home, or off to a dive yacht like my group. The hospitality is warm, genuine, and unobtrusive. I’ve never passed a gardener of bellman who did not smile and greet me pleasantly during my short stay.
For those who want to indulge in some water activities such as snorkeling or diving, Immersion is where rentals of snorkel gear or shopping for rashguards happen.
For those who wish to stay above water, Glide offers kayaks, surfboards and windsurfing gear.
Those who are more agile can play a set of tennis, or table tennis at Energy
Gymrats find solace in their super well air-conditioned gym complete with Life Fitness equipment. I know someone from my dive group tote some gym clothes specifically because she knew the gym was fab.
For those who really want some R&R, their spa is something to be raved about. Each villa is a private escape for those who want to be pampered. Those who had their treatments raved about the masseuse’s magic hands that brought them some calm and chi.
I noticed several couples, with the ladies decked out in their matrimonial white gown and their cameras and photographers in tow.

Clearly, Velassaru is a favorite for wedding getaways. Each time a couple ties the knot on their sand, a palm plant with their stake becomes a permanent fixture all around the island. Aside from lovebirds by the beach… you can also see some miniature underwater wonders very close to the shoreI want you

These baby sharkies were TOO CUTE for words.
School of fish + Pelican in the sand
Since you are surrounded by the beautiful blue Indian Ocean, one cannot resist a dip, or a little bit of snorkel time. Those are some of my dive crew taking a sunset snorkel.
To Be Continued…