For my birthday, I was treated to a Scarlet Surprise.
So to begin the late-20s celebration, I got surprised with a trip to (surprise!) Singapore. Note the Marina Bay Sands in the background
We took an early flight out, which made me not a happy camper.
Damn stolen shots of me passed out.
When we arrived at Changi Airport in Sing, first thing I noticed were the  Audemars Piguet wall clocks hanging everywhichway. Wishlist #1: spotted.
Singapore is much like Manila, humid, warm, and green. But what I liked most about the roads are the tree lined streets everywhere as well as the smooth pavement. Reminds me of California driving, the 10 freeway at least.
It also is quite a metropolis, with skyscrapers that rival NYC in height. Obviously, since Singapore is only 14 miles long, it means there is very little space to manage, making it one of the most progressive countries in the world to date.
The Scarlet Hotel
Our driver dropped us of this interesting building that was low in height, but long in length.
On Erskine Road between Maxwell and South Bridge Streets, Scarlet is a boutique hotel right at the heart of Chinatown, with never-ending rooms placed horizontally instead of the usual vertical orientation.
The lobby is quite small, which is a precursor of what’s to follow, but what i ,t lacks in space it makes up for in opulent interiors. It has won several international awards such as Best Boutique Hotel by Singapore Tattler and TTG Travel Awards, and Best Accommodation Experience by Singapore Tourism Awards.
The Lobby seating area is filled with boudoir type seats, gilded gold accessories, and, you guessed it, a lot of Scarlet tones.
The front desk is a massive block of black marble, accented by a scarlet rug
Reminds me of 18th century courtesan houses, no?
In keeping with the motif, even the laptops used by the Front Desk are red. Was glad that a lot of the staff are Filipino, and gave us extra TLC.
Bold Bar
At the lobby is Bold, the watering hole-cum-lounge where you can watch the news, have a couple of drinks, or people watch. I love to people-watch, and a lot of Europeans were seen in and out of the hotel.
Embassy & Republiq, is that you?
At night, this is the perfect place to unwind after a long days walk around the city.
The hallway to the rooms is a neverending road lined with doors. mood lighting is a definite accent.
Here’s our room door, with a thoughtful newpaper holder right by the keycard access.
When we entered our room, first thing I said was : Wow, this place is small. Like, New York small.
About 16sqm small, to be exact. For a Premier Room, I was quite taken aback by its lack of space. Though the only applications would be the bed, a nightstand and a desk, it is compact but very efficient. with warm mustard walls and halogen accent lights by the bed. There is a LAN cable for complimentary wifi, so I wouldn’t be complaining so much.
Since Scarlet was opened back in 2004, I can forgive the boob-tube for a television, but you need to upgrade that to an LCD soon
Inside the closet is a stack of useful items such as city guides, an umbrella (for the Singapore Showers), a flashlight, and robes. The in-room safe is under the counter, so you have to sit on the floor to reach it. Compact indeed.
Ingeniusly tucked under the TV Stand is the mini-bar, with complimentary coffee/tea setup, water and a special surprise from Scarlet:
With Compliments
Aranciata Rossa by San Pellegrino
But my critical mind was silenced once I entered the bathroom and found a spacious haven for bath and body. With louvered windows giving it natural light, I was happy I didn’t have to shower where I sh*t. I get that a lot in small European hotels and appreciate that Scarlet thought to add Western bathrooms.
And the toiletries. Oodles and oodles of them! I love hoarding toiletries and this made me a happy hoarder.
I like the robes tucked neatly into a roll by the  bed
Aside from a Bar, Desire is Scarlet’s dining outlet which serves breakfast for the guests as well as sumptuous dinner. Great windows.
There is a cellar tucked right under the lobby staircase.
For the smokers out there, the outside lobby seating area is designed to be cool while you puff.
Mr. S cannot control his cravings.
At night, the rooftop becomes a relaxing bar for those who want a nightcap. But it’s a bit muggy so we didn’t try it.
Since Scarlet is connected by South Bridge St., it is close to these colorful colonial buildings and shops that catch your eye every time you pass by.
It is also right across the Maxwell Food Centre, one of the best Hawker centers for food and Singaporean specialties.
Another nearby attraction is the Temple of the Lost Tooth, or something like that. I forgot what it’s called! Haha!
At night, Scarlet is lit up into a sensual abode which entices passersby to take a peek inside its surroundings. Going home to Scarlet felt like entering a secret hideaway for the vagabonds who want a personal touch to their stay. Not too metropolitan, not to cosmopolitan. A great boutique experience with a fantastic location. I’m definitely coming back to Scarlet.
The Scarlet Hotel
33 Erskine Road
Singapore 069333
+65 6511 3333