On to Day 2 of the Palau Dive Trip. We were wishing that the sun would come out on this day, but what info I got from the measly internet in connection in Palau told me that it would be thunder storming the whole trip through. Oh well, at least it was pretty underwater.

That didn’t stop me from slathering on the thick SPF70 JIC (just in case)

We went back to Sam’s Tours to fix our gear. Because the trip would probably be choppy like the day before, we ended up on a bigger boat, the Whaleshark. Wishful thinking for me to see some!

Before leaving, we saw the Chef of Bottom Time (Pinoy, no less), with the catch of the day:  Fresh Yellowfin Tuna!

Just to be sure we were prepared for the crappy weather, three of us purchased windbreakers! Here is JP modeling the blue version.

It was a 50minute boat ride on our way to Dive spot #1, a lot of us had to take a little… erm, break. Don’t ask.

Dive #4: Blue Corner 

Our first dive site for the day was so worth the trip and anxiety though! The most popular site in Palau, when we arrived Blue Corner there were about a dozen boats already anchored down.


We figured that we missed the action, but NOOOOOOoOooo.

The action was so intense, we had to use our reef hooks to keep us at bay while watching the fishies get drifted by currents.

Then we saw some BIG Bumphead Parrotfishes.

I’m telling you they were BIG


They looked so friendly, but I’m sure they are lethal like the rest of the cute ones.

It was such an adventure during that 50 minute dive. it felt like time flew by because of all the action!

So did my air. EMPTY! First time ever this happened to me. Good thing our DM Shirley was nearby so I could use her octopus hose.

When we surfaced the weather still did not look too happy… so we stopped for some lunch.

This time I was in control of my menu, having ordered the night before, and I got the Sushi Bento. Delicious and way too much food for one hungry tummy, even if it’s ToT. But wait… what’s that I see… is that SPAM on the sushi roll??? Must take out…. ugh, this is getting annoying.

Flavin, our boat captain, yanked out a little personal sized tuna fish, filleted it and doused it with some soy sauce and wasabi and made us try it. Now THAT is fresh sashimi.

JP and I were clearly ignorant of the fact that we were hoarding his meal and kept getting from his sashimi stash. No Shame. WE were stuffed and ready to proceed to our next destination

Dive #5: German Channel
Now at this point you might think that all the dive sites look the same. No way! This is upon descending to the site.
And then, when we looked up, we saw the ubiquitous Manta Ray!
There was also a marble ray hiding in the sandy bottom, but we were quick to spot it!

During the safety stop, or the 3 minute stop at 15 feet before surfacing, I saw these 2 cute sharks just chilling together. Very nice scene before heading up the boat for the last dive of the day.

Dive #6: Helmet Wreck
A WWII wreck, there were plenty of remnants on board
Can you spot the shoe?
As always, we were famished after the cray dives, so without thinking we headed back to Bottom Time after freshening up to get our grub.
As usual, I ordered the Poke. I was hooked!
So excited to try the Tuna Steak with olive oil and garlic. I asked for garlic rice instead of plain. Delicious and garlicky at the same time. It was a bit dry, because 92% or tuna is lean, but it was tasty nonetheless.
Oh yeah… I also ordered their Blackened Sashimi which was rubbed with some spices and then seared slightly. This I was not so excited about, but probably because I have been eating my limit of Tunafish.Three more days to go! Watch out…