It’s been one of those days. The reminiscing and nostalgia and all those monthly crapola is getting on my nerves. When I go nostalgic, I go Mexican. I LOVE Mexican cuisine with a passion. Back in Santa Monica, I’d have a daily pitstop to Baja Fresh or La Salsa just to get my Carne Asada burrito fix. I’ve been craving for these latino flavors, so I was very happy when my friend G decided to celebrate her birthday dinner at TJ’s Mexican Grill.

The decor was befitting of a Tacqueria, with wheel barrows and cowboy hats adorning the walls. The music kinda killed the vibe as they kept playing hip hop. No Bueno.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a nice affordable menu. And for the ginormous frozen margarita for less that P200, I was sold. Actually, I was sold on 3.  The other ladies liked the strawberry margarita, but I like the original. Here we go again.

One plus that TJ’s has on their score sheet is that their servings are generous. If you need a little more, salsa, or cheese sauce, they are very liberal and happily refill the table. K’s bf D asked for the hot salsa, and it was hotta!

The one thing that disappointed me was that, at 730p, they had already ran out of guacamole. Come on guys, don’t you remember my little guacamole incident way back? I went back last Sunday, and sold out again! Whyyyyyy…
Since I’m forbidden to eat meat, I had to get creative. I always get Carne Asada burritos, or chicken quesadillas, or pulled pork enchiladas… what to have now???
Baja Fish Tacos
I’m so lucky to have chanced upon this seafood gem of a taco! Delicate fish that’s battered and deep-fried, served with soft tortillas, onions, tomatoes and cheese, the fish tacos are like little flavor bombs one bite at a time. The accoutrements of salsa, hot sauce and cilantro garlic sauce worked perfectly
It was pretty authentic as Filipino Mexican could be.  I came back 2 days later to have the same dish. They also have the Grilled Fish Tacos in the menu, but I think I can be a bit bad after being oh so good with my meat.
Here are other orders. I can’t vouch for their taste, but my friends were happily munching along so we can all infer and agree that it was pretty good.
6-Layer Dip
Tomatoes, onions, cheese, sour cream, cilantro and beef. The cheese was yummy!
Regular Beefy Tacos. Looked very saucy. Mmmm.. no to meat.. yet to meaty…
Wet Burrito. With red sauce and topped with cheese. GOOEY!
Combo plate of Chicken Enchilada + Beef Kebab with Salsa and Mexican Red Rice
Man, I really wish I could have tried the other dishes, but I was more than satisfied with mine! FRIENDS: Care to comment on how your dishes tasted like? I’m so glad there is not a casual Mexican joint very close to my home. I have a feeling my driver and the waiters will be very good friends.
Tijuana’s/TJ’s Mexican Grill is located in the ground floor of Citi-Golf Complec in Julia Vargas in Ortigas. I don’t have their number, but they are on soft opening so it’s fairly easy to get a table. If it pisses you off, ask the servers to switch from HipHop to their Latino Music. They have it.
Friends: HELP! Tell me about your dishes!