When I arrived from Cebu yesterday, Jimmy Choo was waiting for me with a cute treat.

Ok, maybe Jimmy didn’t really give them to me, but he was standing over them giving me the choobear eyes asking for some dibs.

It was from my friend C, who asked a friend in Japan to get hold of some goodies for me. Such love! Yes excited to see you when you get back!

Green Tea KitKat

OMFG. I had this first when my good sister/friend J sent some my way via my Sangko aka bro. I was ecstatic! I am addicted to KitKat and its myriad of flavors. Ever since discovering Orange KitKat and Mint KitKat at the Malibu Country Mart after class at Pepperdine, I’ve been on the hunt for the next best KitKat flavor. I don’t like KitKat Chunky or those stupid variations. I just like flavor! In the beginning I was skeptical about green tea flavor because it’s not something you see often. I was momentarily distracted by the cute packaging with a very chichi box. I love packaging. Sigh.

KitKat flavors vary in major nations. This was from Japan, where they also had the Sour Orange variety. In UK, they have Malt and Peanut Butter. Mmm…
The little waferettes were neatly stacked side by side, in twos. Note that three are missing… The most useful tool in this packaging is the black label that says 3%, 69kcal. Which means that one of those little KitKat packages was 3% of your daily caloric allowance. Not Bad. But also not good if you eat 12, that would be 36% and… a lot of calories. Still they were small enough to not make a dent on the waistline.
So they were a bit mushed up because of the Manila heat. After some refrigeration, I bit into one. Ahhh. Green tea goodness in a chocolate bite. If you have ever had white chocolate infused with some Macha green tea it’s exactly that flavor, with some wafers and more Macha paste in the middle. I absolutely love green tea, in yogurt, in cold drink, hot drink and almost any form. It is a little sweet because the base is white chocolate, which if you know, has no actual chocolate content. It has a ton of sugar, and cocoa butter. Still. I love it!And so happy that after a tiring day flying in and out, I was able to “have a break, have a KitKat”. But now I have to break away from the box and  give the rest to my Sangko, because I know he is reading this and was mad the first time when I horded all the GT KK his friend gave us. FINE! It’s yours!I want more KitKat flavors! Can anyone find me Orange KitKats?? Please???

Where’s KitKat? Find them here!
If you are ever in Malibu, please buy me some at the Country Mart!