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Heading up to the Mountains aka. Baguio again this weekend. Yes, admittedly, for work. But every opportunity to go up is definitely an excuse to be lazy and suck in the natural wonders and great climate that Baguio offers. And the fruit! It’s the best place to buy the freshest fruits and veggies! Tagged as the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio is indeed a cool climate getaway from the heat of the summer Manila sun.
I especially love all those canned preserves and attempts at Strawberry wine. Uber sweet, but so heartwarming.
And since this is ToT’s Goodie Giveaway for the month, allow me a morsel of self-indulgence and make you fall in love with Hotel Elizabeth, Baguio’s 3-time Hotel of The Year* from 2007-2009!
 Opened in 2005, Hotel Elizabeth is the breath of fresh air that infiltrated Baguio and its traditional log cabins and cottage style dwellings. Its interiors are vibrant, as if you’re in the Mediterranean and lounging somewhere warm and sunny. This is also possible because uberpersonality Tessa Prieto Valdes did the interiors. Yes, peeps, she is a professional!
March is the 5th Year Anniversary of Hotel Elizabeth, and everything is set to ensure a nice walk down flowery memory lane. The hotel is surrounded by the very thing that assures you that, while you are transported to the Med, you are still in up in the city of Pines: Pine Trees! And oodles of flowers and greens.
Here are some of the nice promos that Hotel Elizabeth is doing this anniversary month of March!
 The first thing that steals your attention upon entering the front door is the amazing height of the atrium. All the way up to the Penthouse floor, this open expanse fills the hotel with natural light that creates such a sunny ambiance reminiscent of much warmer vacation spots. But that’s just a trick; it is almost always freezing cold!
The lobby is bright and open, with a ton of seating options. The hotel is equipped with complimentary wifi all over, but some people still go down with their laptops to do some surfing here. Probably to people watch, and also to grab a bite to eat at the Flora Cafe.
 Of course the most important part is the accommodations. Above is what a deluxe room looks like. A spacious bed with a great view of the mountains always wins brownie points with people. If you are more than one, you can request for the room with 2 double beds. The duvet comforter makes sure you are warm and toasty during the chilly nights.
Interestingly enough, there are plenty of rooming options available, so read on and find one that you’ll like
If you are a bunch of friends who do not like getting too close for comfort, the hotel has family rooms with four (above) and 6 single beds and extended bathroom. So if you’re a bunch of boys, no more awkward rooming situations!
The Executive Suite is perfect for couples who want more space. Aside from the Master’s bedroom with a bathtub, the suite comes equipped with a kitchenette, dinette and a living area with a pull-out sofa. Perfect for slumber parties! Plus there’s a second bathroom so it’s great for groups of four.
Here’s Jimmy Choo touring you to the Penthouse floor of Hotel Elizabeth
 The best thing about the penthouse is that you have an open balcony which works great especially when you wanna have some mini get together after hours
This is my fave room of all. The Penthouse Suite. Much like the Executive Suite, this becomes way cooler with the addition of a loft! Hello winding stairs! On the loft floor is another king size bedroom with lots of carpet space for people to lounge on. And with a living room like this, I’d never leave!
But if you are like most Filipino fams and go up to Baguio with an entire battalion, then the Executive Penthouse is for you! Three full bedrooms, one masters bedroom and 2 double rooms, with a ginormous living and dining area, plus a cooking kitchen and ref! So if you’ve shopped in the market for some fresh veggies then you can cook up a storm! This can seriously pass for someone’s condo. There have been guests who literally forget that they are in a hotel and walk around semi-naked! The windows are pretty big, don’t forget to drop the blinds!
Why is Hotel Elizabeth pretty awesome? Because every dusk, you get an amazing sunset amidst pine trees and mountains.
Here’s Jimmy Choo touring you around the rest of the surroundings
This hallway leads to the infamous Santorini Ballroom
The Santorini Ballrom, no joke, is much lauded because it’s so intricate and colorful. It’s the ultimate eye candy! Handpainted murals take centerstage as it literally takes you away to a journey. The ballroom is in demand for weddings, conferences and of course, parties!
For those who like to be one with nature, the gazebo is the perfect place to make muni-muni (snuggle?wander? I dunno the actual translation!). It has also been witness to some very intimate and romantic proposals! I know one!
Hotel Elizabeth is located at #1 J.Felipe St, Cor Gibraltar, Baguio City. It is located a stones throw away from Wright Park, Horseriding place, Mines View Park & The Mansion. Visit them at or call Manila office at             +632 911 2161       for Central Reservations Office
And now… here we go! GOODIE GIVEAWAY #3: 
The Hotel Elizabeth Experience!
One very lucky and hardworking commenter/follower will win 2 nights of Baguio breeze in a Deluxe Room good for two guests at The Hotel Elizabeth! This includes complimentary wifi internet and breakfast for two! This is perfect for  the upcoming summer season! HOW? Look below!
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