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Ho! Ho! Ho! Just as I was attempting to melt away the holiday lbs this weekend, a package arrived oh so timely….
I woke up on Sunday with this in my bed!!!
Well, not exactly. My second family in LA, aka. Bestie, Roomie + Guecky, sent my brother back to Manila with half of his baggage allowance in presents. Being the online shopper that I am, I ordered their holiday gifts ahead of time. Good thing that half my fam was in Los Angeles for a good portion of January, and my friends were able to drop off my loot into their luggages!
Hungry at Asia De Cuba, Sunset Blvd
Summer in Laguna Beach
Winetasting + Off Roading in Santa Barbara
What we do best: TREAT!
These girls have been my pillars since the good old days and continue to be my bestest friends! Thanks Girls! Can’t wait to see you all this Summer! Now back to the LOOT! Here’s what I got!
Sprinkles Mixes From Roomie:
Next up are those Macarons you were raving about! This is all because of my first attempt at baking these red devils
Cocoa Roasted Almonds from Moi 
(hee hee… needed to get something for myself you know)
Soto Ayam Chicken Soup mix from Roomie
She is half-Indo and half-Dutch, and always makes me think that I can make this. I’ll try now!
NY Moleskine from Roomie!
Getting ready for our Summer in the Big Apple Eh? Woot Woot!Next comes Guecky
This note is the EPITOME of Guecky (ladies, can I get a concurrence here please?)
YAY! Julie & Julia on DVD!
Now I can remember all the funny parts since my last post on this movie date!
Now… I do NOT know why Bestie decided to get me this, but her card said it is a mustread, so I must…. read. But this is a refreshing break because it’s the only non-ToT related gift I have gotten so far. Well.. it’s about love, and I did say on my profile that I love it! MOVING ON…
Bestie sends me a surprise wrapped in a Sprinkles box complete with sticker!

More Sprinkles Red Velvet Mix!!

I think this was brought upon by my intense cupcake competition…
THANKS Girls! You are ZE best!!! Mwah!
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What was my first Goodie Giveaway???
So now….
Clearly, there should be NOTHING wrong with the above image… except for the fact that I am, admittedly, a bit cupcaked-out. And I think that having more than 3 of anything, such as siblings for example, is just plain selfish and wrong. I spoke to Roomie, discussed what she thought of my gimmick, she said go do it!!! So…
A can of Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcake Mix straight from the Sprinkles Bakery!
Readers, If you have been following my blog lately, you know I am having a cupcake crisis. Help me stop the madness! Help me not get fat! Help me give it away!

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