After the first family day in HK town and a night of debauchery, vodka and Tsui Wah, my bro and I woke up at the unreasonable hour of 2pm! Sheesh.

But come on, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a view as beautiful as this one??

One of the perks of staying at the Parklane in Causeway Bay is the convenience to major shopping meccas and the MTR. This was a Sunday, so the park was filled with (it’s completely true) Indo and Filipino household help on their day off. I love the camaraderie especially when they share their baon or packed meal. It’s so sweet and completely Filipino.

After we washed down the leftover alcohol and took our respective baths, we headed off to meal #1:

Causeway Bay Fung Shing Restaurant

Very close to the Parklane (I mean literally, on the corner of the hotel), it’s a little hard to find because it is on the second floor of a building on Leighton Street. There are other branches though. Fave thing about this resto are the purple chairs. Yes, I have a purple heart.We said, let’s keep it light, ordering some dim sum and promising each other that we would wait for the rest of the fam to come back from HK Disney before we fully wined and dined.

Har Gaw
The most pivotal part of any steamed dumpling, is the glutinous casing of the prawn, veggie or meat. It has to have a chewy, gummy consistency that does not crumble upon first bite, nor fall apart when dipped into the soy. This prawn dumpling was moist, perfectly executed with the most minute delicate wrapping skills. I loved this.
Radish Cake
Bro, on the other hand, ordered the Radish Cake and pronounced, it was the best radish cake he had ever tasted in his entire life. That’s a heavy decision especially coming from my culinary soulmate. It was true, it was so moist and delicate, not the chalky kinds you get around … the meat were strategically placed to flavor the radish, and the fried skin held up the lightness of the middle part.
We also ordered Xiao Long Bao (soup dumpling), and steamed veggie dumpling… I thought we were doing good with our light eats. But then…
Bro got a glimpse of a tray carrying some fried chicken, and ordered a half. This made the nape of my neck stiff, and I knew, complete overload in food and cholesterol.
Times Square Mall
After our major meal, it was imperative to be HK-ese and walk the fat away. So we headed to Times Square mall to do a bit of time-consumption
My first stop? YSL… but don’t fret! I didn’t buy anything. I did, however, coerce my very stylish brother to take advantage of the sale and get the Muse luggage which was a complete steal. Honestly, I definitely had ulterior motives because it would go sooooo well with my brick red large muse. How cute is matching purse + overnighter? hahahaha At least I wasnt the one who spent. If in the area, don’t forget to look for Ava (pictured above) who was so helpful and I swear, the most convincing salesperson, she could sell ice to an eskimo!
After drowning and emptying my bro’s wallet, we decide to walk some more, to some random streets and found a cute sign for a yogurterie…
Sooo adorable. It had various yogurt flavors like chestnut, kiwi, coffee, etc. You pump it out yourself, add your own toppings, and then it gets weighed. Then we were up for another surprise!
We bump into M again from the night before!!! Apparently he was also strolling around when he caught glimpse of a familiar face at the cashier. It was his classmate at USC, who owns the yogurt joint! We got our yogurt for free. Now that is completely yummy.
Then we bumped into more Pepperdine Peeps! It was like a mini-reunion! Is HK the new Manila? Omg please say no.
We all walked some more, then headed back to the hotel, where they had a pretty decent bar. I needed some major libation, so I ordered a Cosmo. How adorable is that martini flute? Totally satiated my thirst.Shortly after, the rest of the team aka famiglia, arrived at the hotel. I pressured them to get ready. It was time for Major Meal #1

Yung Kee Restaurant
Yung Kee is one of those highly lauded, must go restaurants per our previous research for the ultimate food trip. Apparently THIS was ZE place for Roast Goose. Bro and I decided, fresh from the success of The BIG Outlet Sale… we were going to secretly treat the fam to a luscious dinner there
The Infamous Century Eggs
There was a lot of hoopla on this century egg, and I understood immediately. Usually century eggs are icky brown versions of the hard boiled egg. This one was the slightly runny version of a soft boiled egg. The yolk was slightly undercooked, and had a nasal flavor that definitely brought out the herbs and soaking methods these eggs went thru. Paired with pickled ginger, its pungent flavor was something worthy of an award. I wanted to bring some home with me.
We had a lot of food on our table. The famiglia food table is usually like that. Up to now, I still have no clue as to why I can eat like a man. I am a girl. God, did you just dress me up all cute so my mommy can have someone other than a burly hungry boy?!?
So we ordered fresh fish, which I was shocked with because a) upon settling the bill, found out this was 1/3 of the bill (chinese, sheesh they never tell you how much it really is), and 2. the server completely massacred the fish, not like the delicate filleting methods done by so many well trained fish fillet-ers. I was pissed. It was delicious nonetheless. I just hated that it was all flakey an messy!!!
Salted Fish Fried Rice
This was delish, and inhaled almost immediately.
It was no one’s birthday, but because we had 3 picky kids, we needed some crispy noodles with seafood. Yum and oily mess at the same time. Paging Lesofat!
When in HK, it is a sin not to order Crispy Fried Chicken. I LOVED THIS ONE! My kontrabida aka debby downer Bro#2 ( I have three) proclaimed that the FC at Mien San in Manila is so much better than these fried cluckers. Whatever. I’m paying so no complaining!
We had to have our fiber, after a very meat-majority meal… I love Gai Lan!
My friend D called the manager ahead and ordered this for us. Beef Tendon in broth. I don’t know what was so special about this, but apparently this sells out quicker than a pair of U2 tickets. Yum…?
The much awaited finale: Roast Goose
The most amazing part of this goose is that, there is so little fat in the skin, it makes it less guilty for me to indulge and dip in the delicious plum sauce. The meat, ehh… for me it lacked the flavor and intensity that I was expecting. But maybe I was channeling pigeon, or Cebu lechon. Either way it was good… but not worthy of an ! from me. Oh well…
But dessert made up for the underwhelming response from the table. Egg Tarts. So light, with that hint of sweet custard yolk in the middle. The crust itself was flaky and not oversweetened. It was like a sorbet to cleanse our palate of the salty meal. I wish I could take those home. MUST TRY!After we left Yung Kee, we all agreed that a long walk was necessary to avoid Bangungot or nightmares from over digestion.

Bro crossing the street to Sogo
We always pass a street right before Times Square, where they sell Hunan Hairy Crabs. I didn’t get the big deal as to why they were so expensive. Bro was itching to bring a box home. “If you put them in the fridge they last a month! They’ll just sleep!”, says brother. Suuureee. just like that time I attempted to harvest my own Uni.
We did however, manage to get some Chinese ham bones which went perfectly with our Nilaga for Christmas Dinner.This was a major food day. There are still two more days to this vacation. So I’ll keep you posted!

Hit the MTR to get around town
Try the goose at Yung Kee… actually go there for the century egg
Grab some fun yogurt at YOGO
Eat ZE best Radish Cake of your life at Fung Shing
Indulge in my favorite brand by going to YSL