It’s been about half a year since the inception of this blog… when it all started when I had a vacation with my entire family at a resort in beautiful Bohol. Since it was the holiday season we strategized, as stress-inducing and patience-trying planning a fam vacation was, we needed another family outing. We did it again, and we survived it!

The chaos that was the airport

Well, I did. Not so much my sister who has three kids and, unbeknown to her nor us during that time, was preggers with her (omg) fourth kiddo. Talk about genetically superior bloodline!

This was the airport situation. My family hates flying together, so la famiglia had to be divided into three flights. This was my team: Sis, 3 kiddos + brother (appearance in next picture). Clearly from the beginning, Sis already sensed she had a lot on her plate…
My Bro also carried his weight… but then we also caught him snoozing on the side while waiting for the airplane. hee hee cruel girls. We were headed to the closest place possible with the easiest recall factor:
Yes, I have been to Hong Kong not once, but thrice already this year. No, I never get sick of HK, and YES, I still haven’t found a reason to stop going back. Actually, the selling factor why we ended up in Hong Kong was because Cathay Pacific had a “Buy 2 Get 1” package on airfare, complete with complimentary passes to HK Disneyland, accommodations at the Disneyland Hotel, and food vouchers to be used at the park. Come on. DEAL!
We arrive HK, soooo hungry because our flight was delayed… But I drew a smile when I saw that we were being picked up by Mickey himself. No… I do not have a kid-at-heart personality, but I’m taking one for the team, for the kiddos.
As we stepped off the bus I was shocked upon entering the lobby. OH MY GRACIOUS GOD! It was absolutely splendid! A fresh take on the Victorian era, the well-lit hotel had extra large rooms with a breathtaking view of the ocean. I guess they could do that since they were so far away from the HK and Kowloon cities, and real estate was not as wallet burning. I was hungraaaay for some food, and the rest of our party was impatiently waiting for our arrival. We scurried off to the park, and what do we do first??
Oh so cliche group pic at Main Street w Mickey on the landscape!
I was in a temporary delirium at this time, because it was already 4pm and I haven’t ingested anything since I bought siopao (pork bun) at the Manila airport. What was my first HK meal?
My first meal in Hong Kong
I completely sold my soul to my cravings and got Fried Chicken and Fries…. Sheeeesh. It was juicy and the skin was sooooo crispy, I gulped that down faster than you can say Moo Shoo. It’s ok, I thought, my dinner would compensate for the complete irreverence to the Chinese cuisine.
But then I also got Kettle Corn on the way to the rides… the smell wafting in the air while I was walking. I couldn’t resist! who in the world could resist kettle corn and it’s salty sweet corniness?
Since we arrived so late, the sun went down faster and before we knew it, darkness fell and the stringful of lights lit up. It was absolutely magnificent.
First on my activity list was the most nostalgic ride of my life:
It’s A Small World
I remember this so clearly, as a 3 year old kid in California. Of all the rides and memories, It’s a Small World remains to be the epitome of childhood happiness.
It was sensory overload, overwhelmed by the lights, the fake kids moving around to redundant but oh so catchy song… “It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears. It’s a world of hope, and a world of fears…” I still remember it.
A pleasant addition would be the Filipino corner, complete with the Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut), Banana tree, and even the Tarsier! Remember my Bohol trip??? Supercuteness. Next up was the Mad Tea Party.
Again, this conjured up so much backlogged memories. Not the good kind unfortunately, but the vomit inducing type. I didn’t participate, but the kiddos enjoyed spinning round and round with it. Look at the beautiful teacups!
Now the highlight of all Disney parks was the fireworks display. I’m not sure if the US version has this, but upon entering we were given 3d glasses which I could not really comprehend the reason for. But it instructed to look at the light to see a pattern. It proved to be a useful tool during the fireworks display
It was raining hearts! Do not ask how I was able to capture this, but let’s just say my camera was worth its mint price tag.
It was so beautiful, especially during the different colors of fireworks, it made my heart (lol) beat faster, just seeing how a simple piece of 3D plastic glasses could transform a normal fireworks show into the ultimate expression of love and creativity.
My brother got all nostalgic. I think he was wishing for something romantic to happen to him in the very near future… Or was he missing someone? :)
We took a stroll down main street, with its beautiful 60’s ambiance and wondered, was life as beautiful then as this replica tried to evoke?
And then, unexpectedly, it began to snow! It’s truly beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Here’s the rub. For some undisclosed reason, ze planner aka Motherdear, only got two rooms at the Disney hotel, and the rest of the team, meaning the two young ones aka US, were to trek all the way from Disney Island via MTR to HK side to set up shop at the Parklane Hotel, where the rest of the fam will stay for the rest of the trip after they’ve exhausted the theme park. So cute was the train that we rode. Talk about Mickey explosion. And then we got to our hotel room at the Parklane in Causeway Bay.
Ok…. this was a nice room. With a great view that you will see in Part Due of this blog (TBA), spacious beds and a beautiful desk that is near the connecting room for the rest of the party… it was the perfect home away from home… Except….
The Bathroom
See… I wouldnt’ve minded this if I was shacked up with my lover, my invisible husband, or myself… But the see through bathroom was a major situation especially because I DO NOT want to see my brothers manly bits nor am I willing to expose my luscious booty to my next of kin. We covered it up with the curtain, which completely covered the curve, but left something to the imagination because we could see shadows. EEEEP! Channeling the movie Psycho!?!?!

We knew we had to cleanse our minds of this madness, so we took advantage of the night and decided to partay! And who do we bump into when we arrived outside the doors of Prive at LKF?

Pepperdine Classmates!!!
See… I went to Pepperdine University, and Pep has a very high rate of international students. Probably because we were lured by the enigmatic waves and view of the Pacific Ocean, the laid back ambiance, and the very high possibility of being in between two major celebrities while ordering your Chai Latte at the Coffee bean at the Malibu Colony. We were completely unaware of the Dry Policy on campus. For non-US educated, that means that those visions of keg parties and Frat houses did not exist: No Alcohol or Frat/Sorority houses on campus! Major shocker to us! We enter Prive, and who do we run to?
Filipino Crew!
From my highschool, to my NY stint to new peeps, I was beginning to feel like I was back in Manila….
Then we bumped into more Peppies! OMG this is like a total Reunion. My friend Y (leftmost hottie) was visiting for China that weekend, P (second hottie) was a resident HKer, and M was my fellow Pinoy who I treated like a brotha while in the States.
After a bit of partying, I got hungry like I usually do, and I told my friend: We must go to Tsuih Wah! We brave the steep downhill slope of Lan Kwai Fong, in search of my mirage…..
(think Jesus coming down from Heaven)
Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Complete with an arrow!
Just as I remembered it… from my last trip there (which was a complete food therapy session). Brightly lit with the sound of chatter and scurrying servers, it felt like my NY diner haunt, Stage Deli! And its 24 hours! talk about the munchies!
I’m so glad we tagged along C, my Filipino NFF who speaks a little bit of Chinese, she ordered for us like she knows her business. I love a woman in control
Crispy Noodles with Prawn in Sweet X.O. Sauce
I’ve had this before, and at first I thought it didn’t pass my palate. But it grows on you, the sweet and tangy flavor off the sauce offset by some heat from the X.O chili. And the prawns… so wrong to eat fried noodles at 3am, but it’s the surest way to evade a hangover the next day
Bro ordered the Beef Curry with rice.
Curry at 3am is a crime, I tell you. But the beef brisket soaking in lovely curry sauce was the rich ending we both needed after a night of alcohol and debauchery. We both agreed, we must bring the fam here the next day.

So we slept, and woke up really late… How late? Wait for Part Due of my HK adventure!

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