Mention TRIP OR TREATS when you order and you get 10% off on your total bill :) Thanks Gigi.Back on hiatus! Sorry it was a long one… i couldn’t help but indulge in all the goodness the holiday season had to offer (that in itself will earn its own post).
The best things about the holidays are definitely the gifts for me. I wont lie. I love receiving goodies and surprises and kind gestures. This one gesture was the motherload of it all. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving, personally as well as uncontrollably.

I’m talking about the Custaroons…

So I receive a box of Custaroon Poppers from a cousin during one of our christmas parties (those parties, shall again receive their own post). The box was a delight to receive on its own, Robin’s egg blue with a nice little hind of Gold binder to make it more delectable to the palate

I receive the small box and open it. Lo and behold, a cute sticker with a little instructional guide. I am a complete sucker for tiny snippets of consideration and thoughtfulness.

The packaging… talk about eye candy on its own. Beautifully packaged and definitely handled with care, this preview of what’s to come excited me. “Shake box to coat poppers with powder,” it said. Clearly, I was getting excited.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, but basically it looked like a heaping of truffles doused in cocoa powder. Not the cheap kind, I can taste knockoff from a mile away.

Ok I know.. this next photo looks like a little poopy. But I had to illustrate just how truffleitious it looked like. Fooled me

The highlight of it all.. is the actual experience upon taking the first little nibble of that cocoa laced sucker. Let me elaborate. First bite, a truffle experience with the cocoa. I was convinced this was a truffle. After a few seconds, I get a lingering reminiscence of macaroons, complete with coconut and that vanilla softness that could only come from those tiny macaroon cups. Lastly, your palate is left with a creme brulee knockoff that is the custard. Not in the middle, not strategically placed as a nugget, but in the overall sensation whilst chewing on this little popper. Mind blowing. Absolutely decadent and definitely not something you inhale in one sitting. This is like the souffle that needs absolute moments of clarity to be enjoyed.

So being the absolute Martha on crack in terms of generosity, I decide to order from Gigi herself. So accommodating and even allowed a rush order of a dozen. They disappeared completely in 2 days. I have a lot of people close to my heart. She asked me it I wanted the custaroons, coz they take forever. I didn’t even know there were varieties! Nonetheless, I took the poppers. Little did I know those gifts prompted more orders for those delectable bites. Sorry Gigi for harrassing your holiday season :) But always remember, never say no to a sale :)
But then after a few days, I received another robins nest blue box. This time there wasn’t an instructional sticker, but a box of tiny macaroon-like goodies. This, I concluded was the real deal.
CUSTAROOOOOOONS! So dainty and deliciously rich in yellow color. I immediately grabbed one and, in fantasizing about its effect on my tongue, found myself faced with a moist, macaroon treat with a twist. There’s that omnipresent custard lingering somewhere between the airpockets, or the sugar or God knows what. This I inhaled in one sitting. Addicting!
So cutely packaged, even the wrapper itself had decorations!
But then, it didn’t end there!!!! The six degrees of separation theory apparently found their way to get back to me, this time sending me a ginormous box of that damned robins nest blue!!!!
I open the box, and GOODNESS GRACIOUS, it’s the custaroons from previous giver, but now it’s been biggified!
Obviously I couldn’t resist once more and had to attack one of them before I took the shot. There were two kinds in the big box, one cheesier and the other custardier…. but they were so hard to let go, I had to instruct the butler to please take it away from my face, as I am sure to reap the consequences in my post-jog, which didn’t end up so well.
If you haven’t been a lucky recipient of the overexposed blue box, must call Gigi Gaerlan and order these yummy delights. I swear you must add an extra box for yourself, unless you wanna sneak in and take some from the boxes you’re supposed to be giving out to guests.

Gigi Gaerlan
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She can do pickups in the Temple Drive area. Perfect for me. If you’ve tried these goodies post a comment and tell me if I’ve justified these awesome creations of sugar!