Last week I was in HK for a quasi-business trip. Supposedly to attend some expos and shows, the trip ended up being more of a slow walking tour of the jewelry shops north of my HK hotel. The non business side of the trip was just crappy. Slow walking and HK streets just don’t mix.

On the flipside, I had some pretty good meals during my stint which alleviated the stress I endured during the entirety. No explanations. All the meals were memorable. See? When God closes a door, He opens a restaurant or two :)

Dinner at Padang Indonesian Resto

Coconut Milk with Grass Jelly Drink
Chicken Satay
Ayam Panggang Saus Pagang
Roasted Chicken with Padang Sauce
Kepiting Goreng Saos Kari
Famous Fried Crab with Special Curry Sauce
Spicy&Sour Prawn with Pineapple
Ikan Goreng Saos Lada Hitam
Fried Fish with Black Pepper Sauce
Sayur Lodeh
Vegetables with Coconut Milk
My plate


Lunch at Sweet Dynasty in Kowloon side
Har Gau. The daintiest little dumplings I have ever encountered
Sweet Dynasty has the best congee in town. My dad who is somewhat of a congee connoisseur, has tried and tested every minced rice porridge this side of the globe and then some. He insists this is the best place to go to and always pops by when in HK.
They also have exceptional Bok Choy, Mabo Tofu, and the special Fried Chicken! Choi Garden comparable!

Japanese dinner at Beppu Ekimae

This was the restaurant I ate at back in June when Roomie and I had a HK reunion. I still remember that first bite of shake sashimi melting in my mouth… I was hoping the memory was accurate. Boy, did I represent!
We get the private room
Ikura Sushi
Salmon Roe sushi. Bursts in your mouth!
Sushi Platter – a smattering of everything. Even the rice was memorable
Sashimi Platter
uni, clam, tuna, sweet shrimp, squid, mackarel, toro and uni-squid. HEAVEN
When we weren’t eating, or going to the shows, we were rock hunting.
Rock aka Bling

Lunch at an undisclosed chinese resto by Causeway Bay.

If you come with me next time, I will take you. The food is fantabulous with no frills. I prefer not to divulge because some people need to have their hidden gems. And also coz I can’t remember the name. I tried zooming on all the pictures but just could not get the name!
Beef with Peppers and Black Bean Sauce + Gai Lan greens
Hainanese chicken rice meal with the best rice!
Spinach with Beef in Shrimp Paste sauce

Then for dinner, we decide to go back to Japanese at Beppu Ekinae

Sorry… Sushi all gone before shot happened.
Sukiyaki in a cute pot. The lovely sweet broth was too konti (little) I will come back to re-enjoy!
Japanese veggie pizza. Yumness
I was craving for something sweet that night. Got the green tea ice cream at the next door Marion Crepe place. Don’t ask my why I didn’t get the crepe, but the ice cream was good too.
Last day brunch at Tsui Wah Restaurant
They have amazing bread which is known all over town. Some NY kids I know go here all the time when in HK
Place was cute and kitsch. Tea restaurants are all the rage in HK so don’t call it a “coffee shop”
Had my mid morning milk tea. delish and absolutely love the teacup and saucers.
The eponymous french toast. UH-MAZING!
Scrambled egg on a roll… I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before myself.
ultra soft hot roll with condensed milk
Fresh fish cake and fish ball noodle soup. their top 10 dishes
Noodle with Prawn and Sweet & Sour sauce
Iced Coffee to seal the deal
The final meal in HK ended up being at the Burger King in the HK Airport. Surprisingly, the Chicken Sandwich is yummy (note to self, visit BK in Manila). Again, don’t ask why I ended up there… the trip I want to remain as fuzzy as possible. This is the perfect example of food as therapy. A lot of food. A whole lot of therapy.
Tsui Wah Restaurant is a chain… don’t forget to drop by for some nice brekkie! Click TEA!
Marion Crepes can be found absolutely in every cranny in HK. Click Crepe!
Sweet Dynasty is on 100 Canton Rd. Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, HK. Click Congee!
Padang Indonesian Restaurant is on 22-36 Paterson St., JP Plaza Causeway Bay (by Outback Resto!)
Beppu Ekimae is right next to Padang on the Second Floor of the JP Plaza! Click Sushi!