Dear Trip or Treaters

Let me update you on the day that has passed. I was contacted by a local magazine/website to be featured for my efforts to help the victims of the unfortunate event that is Typhoon Ondoy. Since I promised to update those who gave, and also those who are in the loop, I’ll just send you what I sent the writer… because I’m damn tired and there is so much work to do. Multitasking at its best.

Trip Or Treats

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: J
Date: Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 12:22 AM
Subject:  Typhoon Efforts
Hi ,I’m going to try to follow your SMS as much as possible, then inject nalang in the bottom so you get the details:PLAN:
A group of us girls (Gel Schmeing Cruz, Tanya Cuaso, Hilary Favila) discussed last Monday to help the ones ignored and prepare just 500 bags of relief goods + 500 cooked meals for San Mateo, Rizal, an area with over 80k families in distress but very low on the media mileage.  Sent an SMS + facebook efforts regarding this.

THEN, my Mother and mother Ricky Reyes wanted to do something different, so we organized Kain Na Juan/Kainan ng Bayan(Eat Now, Juan/Cafeteria of the Nation), a soupkitchen program to go direct and give am/pm lugaw (porridge and lunch rice meals to 2000 the victims in Nangka, Marikina, the shantiest of all Marikina towns which was completely shattered. We collaborated on this. and will start on Thursday.

AND THEN, my uncle (who is a doctor) called me up on Monday showing his interest in doing a Medical Mission with us on Saturday… since I was on a roll I decided to take on yet another load since it was all intertwined. I found a generic drugstore and will order goods on top of the medicine which was donated over the past few days

SMS’d, Emailed, Facebooked, Twittered and posted on my blog regarding the three different activites we had set up!

I accepted donations of cash thru my account, goods at home, and contacted my subdivision to use the Clubhouse for our packing efforts.


  • As of today we have raised over P200k in cash and gathered overwhelming support not only in kind donations, but through helping hands especially during our packing today! We packed over 1500 bags & 1000 ready to eat meals with only 25 volunteers!. We were able to deploy 1000 meals to different towns in Pasig which are grief stricken and practically living meal per meal.
  • Tomorrow we have three operations running simultaneously:
  1. Kain Na Juan/Kainan ng Bayan- at 830am volunteers will meet at MMDA by Sta. Clara Monastery in Katipunan cor. Aurora. Police will escort convoy to Malanday Elementary School in Nangka, Marikina. After this we will be going mobile to feed those who need it the most. 2000 people
  • Donations & Packing from 10a onwards at Green Meadows Clubhouse til night time.
  • 1p we will bring 700 relief goods and slippers to San Mateo Rizal and personally give the goods to the people so we know who we are helping.


  • Estimated 4000 bags to be packed, to be given directly to the evacuation centers since we are in close contact with Mayors of San Mateo and Marikina. We want to be there to show the people that we are there for them all the way.
  • Medical Mission + soup kitchen on Saturday with volunteer doctors


I didn’t feel the urge to do something until Monday morning, when I woke up in my bed and realized that for the past 2 days, our country has changed forever and has been left helpless. I planned to pack some goods with friends because we heard there are areas not getthing help, but as the day (monday) progressed, there was a recurring instinct in my head to do more, help more, make more.

When news of a medical mission, on top of the relief goods, and soup kitchen, reached my parents’ ears, I was greeted with the words: “kalat”(all over the place), “focus more” and “too much”. But It didn’t feel like enough to me. Eventually they saw the efforts and the amazing volunteerism that we all joined in to help pack, sort, donate and deploy. My mother went home past midnight after delivering meals to three different towns in Pasig who were hungry for some foo

What made EVERYTHING happen were not the plans and ideas we came up with, but the support and volunteerism of my family, friends, aunts, uncles, a German classmate from Pepperdine raising funds in his hometown, a group of Asiana flight attendants who pooled money to sponsor one day at the soup kitchen, all the people who tirelessly went to the supermarkets to buy what we needed, or pack what had to be packed, or gave whatever they could have imparted. Even total strangers came out through word of mouth.

U2’s Bono said it right, God isn’t looking for alms, He is looking for action, and at that very moment it felt like all the private citizens connected thru FB or Twitter or anywhere, were doing the work of our nation, for our nation, mobilizing people and networks in order to get things happen. It is an amazing experience reading and feeling the passion and concern of Filipinos online and knowing that I was able to write a piece of our history in its most trying of times.

In my blog post, I said “Feeding and helping someone during these trying times might be the catalyst for a saved life, as well as a fulfilled life for those who become part of the efforts. In this time, I feel like nothing I do is enough, I want to do more. SO MUCH MORE. But then I see that others around me are giving the same, giving more, doing more. And I know that it is enough. We are enough”

President Obama said it right: WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

If you’d like to donate/help our efforts, you may email me at