To ward off lag time before I post my brand new escapades of food and flight, I give you, hungry readers, the sequel to my previous back blog… 2007 seemed like such a great year for contemplating.


I was inspired by a friend of mine who posted a movie clip with the quote “we read to know that we are not alone,” by J. Lewis on the subject matter. I have yet to view that clip attached, but the line itself has forced me out of slumber and has been bugging my brain since I saw it earlier today.

Not since I saw the Ipod ad asking me to “Give Chance a Chance” have I been so moved to randomly spill my thoughts based on someone else’s thoughts.

It is true to a t. It’s a fact: I write what I do because I know I am not alone or hope that I am not alone. Not in the literal, physical sense of the word. I’ve never really had a problem with being alone, or single, or unattached. Moreover, it is the belief that I am not the only person who thinks my thoughts, who wonders about certain matters, who stays up at night (or in my case, gets out of bed) and ponders… in this universe so large and insurmountable… is there someone who gets it just like I do?

Many people are scared of being alone… There is a trick question I ask everyone: What do you want to be when you grow up? Usually people say an occupation, or a family man, something in that manner. What do I say? I don’t want to be alone. Obviously freaked many people out, but I never meant it in the literal sense. I never had that need to always have someone by my side and more often than not enjoy my own company. Blame it on being the youngest and only girl. While my brothers were out in school I was playing mindgames with Barbie and the Carebears, my formative years becoming a preview of things to come.

There are plenty who cannot bear the thought of being alone, and always have some sort of candy hanging on them, be it arm candy, a shoulder to lean on, or a pet to personify. Jimmy Choo doesn’t count though.. as he is a real person who just looks fuzzy.

Going back to the “I don’t want to be alone” statement. The more appropriate answer would be, I don’t want to feel alone. You could surround yourself with all the friends in the world and still feel like the loneliest soul in the planet. Sometimes it is when I’m by myself that I realize it’s great being able to be on my own and not get needy for another person to talk to or sit next to.

There are people in my circle, they are the people that get me. As one very wise woman recently said “people are what matters”. As I’ve said, I write because I know I am not alone. I believe that amidst all the surfaces and images and physicalities we are faced with, in a time when individuality is being campaigned as the new black, we all have this inherent need to belong, to be understood, and to be appreciated.

People will say they get you. Many would even attempt to scratch the surface. But it takes a different kind of personality to go beyond what is expected and truly seek out what you’re made of. You can’t expect it from everyone; actually no one should expect such a thing. The reason why there are people who dig deep to understand you is because, in you, they see a reflection of themselves. And in uncovering what it is that draws them to you, they end up with a realization that justifies their own existence.

You could call it soulmate…. or bestfriend… or person… the one… whatever. It could even be a fling or a stranger you had amazing conversation with over coffee. If you’ve ever come across what I’m trying to describe, you know that the recurring factor is always this: you end up believing in yourself more, validating your thoughts as worthy of being heard, and you come to understand that who you are is never dictated by what other people think of you… but what they uncover of themselves through knowing you.

I write because I know I am not alone.