Let me tell you, Hong Kong can make you do crazy things. The food begs you to eat a lot. The sales lure you to shop a lot. The streets ensure you will walk a lot… speaking of walking… HK also made me sleep walk. More on that later.
My trip started with my shuttle ride to Park Lane hotel with a tornado hanging over our heads. RAIN!
As a birthday gift to myself, (aside from my Muse ii and my Tubbataha trip) I met up with my Santa Monica roommate in HK while her fam flew in from Jakarta.
Well, that and the underwater cam case purchase that made me trek to the HK ghetto aka talahib (grassfields).
My very first meal while waiting for roomie’s arrival was from a random sushi place atop the AMC movie theater in Causeway Bay. I was unsure what I was hungry for so I headed to the nearest resto from the hotel… Talk about a gem of a find; in that resto-that-will-remain-nameless I taste the most amazing shake (salmon) sushi which melts in your mouth with perfect oiliness.
Anyway roomie arrives and what’s the first thing on the roster (aside from dinner): Shopping! For groceries that is.
And then we go out… Met some friends of ours at Dragon-I in the LKF (Lan Kwai Fong) district, better known as the Meatpacking of NY, Sunset of LA, Meccano in Firenze, and Fort in Manila.
  The aftermath of which will be discussed again later.
For brevity’s sake, and because it’s the truth, our HK mission was simple and clear, conquer the shops and tame our neverending hungry tummy.
Here’s a confession: I like to roleplay. I especially take my role as tourguide/map reader/purveyor of random bits of trivia very seriously. I am good with a map and believe that anything can be found especially when you use your charm as a compass.
I also like to chronicle my treks thru photographs, hence I had to go as far as the impossible-to-justify-but-more-impossible-to-ignore underwater cam case purchase to be able to remember my underwater travels.
Thus begins the food fair:
We dined at the Michelin rated Lei Garden, unfortunately on a Sunday night. That meant a 930p reservation and close to nonexistent menu selection. Nonetheless everything we had was spectacular. The Crab w/ Vermicelli on Hotpot, and Cantonese Steak were indeed worth the wait.
I had the pleasure of meeting up with my friend Tricia who took us to the renowned Shanghai Xiao Nan Guo resto atop the Body Shop building on on Admiral way by Pedder St. The spicy mapo tofu gave me the shivers and the braised pork on bun made me want to cry in delight. Please don’t spoil my palate with dishes I can’t have handy :(
Don’t ask why we ate Thai, but my Pad See Ewe and roomie’s Pad Thai were good at My Thai in Times Square mall.
For dessert: the inevitable trip to City Super’s Honeymoon Dessert. I love the random concoctions of fruit, coconut milk, soft tofu and tapioca, sometimes all mixed up into one tasty mess.
And, my ultimate childhood memory: Takoyaki Samurai Balls!!!
Growing up, you could only find them in Rustan’s Makati, and now the ages old Takuyaki stall still exists in Megamall by the supermarket. In HK though, they were gigantic and oh so octopus-y. Takoyaki Balls are battered balls filled with seafood, seaweed and other Japanese goodness cooked on an ebelskiver pancake pan and topped with nori and special secret sauce. Please tell me the secret.

And now we head to shopping.

In all honesty, I wasn’t in sync with this season’s collection. Yes it was on sale.. yet nothing stood out of the ordinary save for a few Club Monaco pieces which have been my go-to store of choice lately.
But the shoes… the shooooooes…. ahh, if there was someone that could make my heart beat as fast as Mr. Saint Laurent could… it would have to be Mr. Louboutin. It’s that immaculate high heel that makes your legs instantanously toned and leggier, and the scarlet red sole that teases people staring at your feet, as if to say I know you’re looking at me. Don’t worry, they were over 50% off and the RonRons never go on sale at Barneys. Never. DEAL!
YSL once said that “The best clothing around a woman are the arms of the man she loves, but for all women not so lucky, I am here”. I’d like to think that the best arm candy is also a well crafted YSL purse, so I was in search of the happy birthday bag. And I found it! The unfortunate part was, none of the hk stores had my Muse ii in large, because the medium is just too matrona for me, and God knows I’m not walking down that path soon.
One of my favorite things to do in a foreign country is to commute, whether it be by foot, cab, train, metro or escalator. And HK spares no expense to make sure that the MTR is the best mode of transportation out there. I even kept my octopus card coz I’m quite sure i’ll be visiting again this year. Speaking of escalators, next time you visit, notice how the escalators seem to be moving much faster than usual, I bet it’s their way of herding the cattle in and out as efficiently as possible.

And even when I left, the Airport Express train was so efficient it took me only 20 minutes to get from HK side to the Airport.

I wish I rode the matte black Maserati Quattroporte supercharged parked outside Park Lane thoug

Aaaaand here comes the story which supercedes the alcoholic night that is Dragon-I:
* Moi & Roomie arrive at hotel room festive from the night’s festivities.
* Roomie takes first dibs on the bathroom, Moi takes soymilk out of ref.
* Moi’s turn in the bathroom, gets ready for bed.
* Moi gets in bed, and goes off to lala land.
For visualization purposes, let me present Exhibit A: The room.

Since I was posing as the illegitimate roomie sibling, roomie’s mom and roomie shared the king bed while I slept on the single. In the connecting room, the mirror image of our room, was roomie’s dad and little brother in the king, while the just-turned-21 brother takes the single.

Let’s return to the narration:
* Moi gets in bed, and goes off to lala land
* Moi wakes up to the faint sound of roomie’s voice
* Roomie: (name) wake up, it’s time for breakfast.
* Moi lingers on bed, but makes an effort to open eyes.
* Roomie adds: Oh, and by the way, you’re in my brother’s bed.
* Moi really opens my eyes, looks to the window on the right, and realizes the window should be on my left.
* Moi notices I am on a single bed, 21y.o. brother’s bed!

Apparently the chain of events below occured at 5am:
* 21y/o bro feels someone lay next to him. He thinks it is little brother. Goes to sleep
* 21y/o bro notices that he is on the edge of the bed, with no blanket left to cover him.
* 21y/o bro turns around to pull blanket… and runs of to mom in the connecting room
* 21y/o bro to mom: Mom mom… someone’s in my bed!!!
* mom: who (name), who?!?
* 21y/o bro: Mom… she’s wearing an earring!!!

So apparently, roomie’s mom even heard me get up and go to the bathroom, because something fell down on the floor that woke her up. But she said I must have picked it up because when she went inside, there was nothing on the floor.

The aftermath was a very weird breakfast and a lot of laughs. Nervous ones for me.Now imagine if I had sleepwalked into the middle of little brother and dad! SCANDAL!
(Little bro seems to say: Don’t go near me!)

I have no recollection of the said events, but I remember the last time I found out I was sleep walking was in Indiana. Apparently I went down an entire flight of stairs, walked into my aunt in the kitchen, aunt tries to talk to me, I turn my back and head back up.

I tell my dad the story, he says: Lasing ka siguro (You must be drunk). Thanks for the vote of confidence.

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