I have a love affair with Eggs Benedict. I especially love it when the poached egg is slightly runny and the yoke hasn’t had the chance to form, its creamy goodness becoming the sauce for the perfect assembly of bread, hollandaise and some sort of ham/bacon.
But last Sunday I was on the tail end of a supposedly enchanting vacation with my family when I was faced with the actual version of the image above.

That, my friends, is NOT Eggs Benedict, but Eggs Royale.

It was actually quite good, as they substituted a sweet roll for the usual English muffin offsetting the usual briny taste of the smoked salmon. And the resort (tbd) was actually quite grand. But that dish partnered with my resort experience triggered a 6 hour long mental montage that has now come to this. The Blog. Trip or Treats

I love to travel and I love to eat. I’ll go anywhere and eat (almost) anything. I am not picky nor am I snooty with my meals and my treks. Yet it never fails to make me smile when my experience matches expectations , even better if it is exceeded. On the flipside, it also never fails to make me wonder why at times when I’m staying at a luxury resort that should have impeccable service, my brother get a housekeeper who scratches his head in annoyance when asked to help move his luggage.
Or the times when I realllllly wanted Eggs Benedict, I get Eggs Royale.Trip or Treats is an homage to understanding, creating and eating food. It also accounts my inherent longing for the perfect escapade whether it be new places discovered, or old memories rekindled. Life is all about living it and doing it right; so is Trip or Treats.